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RP Name: Nols
Stuart Dickens Wade%20Barrett-1418394
Stuart Dickens Scrooge
Face Claim: Wade Barrett
Character Claim: Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)
Character Name: Stuart Dickens
Object: Book of Christmas traditions
Biography:  Miserly. Cold. Alone. All three words accurately described Ebenezer Scrooge. He had been born into a poor family so from a young age, he hoped to make himself rich. He put his fiancé after his career, which eventually caused her to leave him. That broke his heart and he focused even more on his career, leading him to become a man who lived only for money. One day, near the end of his life, his business partner Jacob Marley visited him. This was interesting, of course, because Marley had been dead for quite a while. Marley told him that there would be a visit from three spirits to get Scrooge to change his ways. The first of the specters showed him his troublesome past while the second of the specters showed him how his actions were hurting those around him. He never saw the third because Chernabog’s curse set in. Ebenezer Scrooge became Stuart Dickens, an investment banker who helps the business owners in town. His object, a book of Christmas traditions, sits on a shelf at Belle’s where he has not yet found it.
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