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RP Name: Nols
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Disney Quote: “If I had my way every idiot who goes around with a Merry Christmas on his lips would be cooked with his own turkey and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.”- Ebenezer Scrooge in A Muppet’s Christmas Carol
Quote: “A loving heart is the truest wisdom.”-Charles Dickens
Disney Theme Song: Scrooge from A Muppet’s Christmas Carol
Theme Song: Money by Pink Floyd

Full Name: Stuart Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge
Pronunciation: Stew-art Dick-ins, Ebb-eh-knee-zer Sc-roo-geh
Alias: None
Meaning: Stuart means steward of the castle while Dickens is a diminuative of Dick, Ebenezer means stone of help while Scrooge means squeeze
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian British American as Stuart, Caucasian British as Ebenezer

Height: 6’7” as Stuart, 5’5” as Ebenezer
Weight: 246 lbs. as Stuart, 130 lbs. as Ebenezer
Hair Color: Black as Stuart, White as Ebenezer
Hair Style: Stuart keeps his hair cut extremely short because he doesn’t like the way it curls when long. Ebenezer’s hair had grown a little longer due to age.
Eye Color: Blue as Stuart, Gray as Scrooge
Birthmarks/Scars: Stuart has no birthmarks but he has a scar around the bend of his arm. Scrooge had neither.
Tattoos: Stuart has a tattoo of a rose with the words culture, alienation, boredom, and despair on a banner on his left arm. Scrooge had no tattoos.

Birthday: August 10th
Age: 33 as Stuart, 60 as Scrooge
Western Astrological Sign: Leo
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Tarot Card Combination: The Moon and The Hermit, leaning toward The Hermit
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey


General History:
Hiram, Molly, and Fan Scrooge were a very happy family. Hiram and his wife Molly were expecting a child which meant that eight year old Fan would be a big sister. Things changed, however, as Molly died giving birth to a son who the nursemaid named Ebenezer. The death of his beloved Molly broke Hiram’s heart and he withdrew into himself, abandoning Ebenezer to a boarding school despite Fan’s pleas otherwise. For fourteen years, Ebenezer grew up along there in that boarding school writing letters to his sister and learning to work hard. He made a best friend of a young man named Jacob Marley but made few other friends. When he turned fourteen, his sister Fan showed up at the boarding school to take him home. Fan had recently been married and wanted Ebenezer home with her and her husband, Hiram having died early on in the year. Ebenezer lived happily with Fan and her husband Malcolm who got the young lad an apprenticeship with a happy, jolly moneylender named Fezziwig. However, when Ebenezer turned fifteen he lost Fan as she gave birth to a son named Fred. Malcolm sent Ebenezer away, the young man moving into a room about Fezziwig’s and working twice as hard. During a Christmas party in his 18th year, Ebenezer met a woman named Belle who stole his heart. Two months later they became engaged, Ebenezer working even harder to support them. This hard work grew into an obsession and Belle left him three years later, a year into the work he started with Jacob Marley. This drove Ebenezer to withdraw from society, except for Marley. When Marley passed away, Scrooge was 50 and though he was rich, he was cold. He treated his employees harshly, even making Bob Cratchit work on Christmas Day. He was visited on Christmas Eve by Marley’s ghost who spoke of a trouble filled future in hell if Scrooge did not change his ways, warning of three ghosts coming to visit. The Ghost of Christmas Past filled him with a longing for the way things were while The Ghost of Christmas Present showed Bob Cratchit and his sick son Tiny Tim as well as how much Fan’s son Fred hated him, which in turn broke his heart and made him want to change.
While he was waiting for The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, Chernabog’s curse hit and turned him from Ebenezer Scrooge to Stuart Dickens.
The only son of Yensidia’s wealthiest banker, Stuart Dickens was born to the upper crust of society. He was taught that because he was a member of the upper class, he was better than others. This led to Stuart being arrogant and mean to his classmates who in turn abandoned him. He graduated high school second in his class and went on to attend college with a duel major in business and economics and a minor in law. He spent his time working to make money but fell in love with a woman named Belle. Belle and Stuart were even engaged before she cheated on him while he was at work. This broke Stuart’s heart even more and he totally withdrew from anyone who did not work for Mayor Chern.

Hiram Scrooge-Mr. Scrooge-father-Micheal Caine
Stuart Dickens/Ebenezer Scrooge Tumblr_m7omj0mLDp1r5r8duo3_r1_500
Molly Scrooge- Mrs. Scrooge- mother- Helen Mirren
Stuart Dickens/Ebenezer Scrooge Tumblr_m2g6y4GQeA1r5tdn1
Fan Scrooge- Fan- older sister- Eva Green
Stuart Dickens/Ebenezer Scrooge Tumblr_inline_mgj0m9exNZ1ruu3yh
Fred Scrooge- Fred- nephew- Greg Sulkin
Stuart Dickens/Ebenezer Scrooge Tumblr_mc477eBwPZ1rtzlzf


Senses: Stuart has average senses for a man his age. Ebenezer had slowed senses due to the fact that he was an old man.
Allergies: None
Phobias: None
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: None


Style: Stuart is always well dressed because he views himself as an example for the lower classes. Ebenezer dressed exactly the same way.
Grooming: Stuart always looks as if he has pressed his clothes, keeping them sharp and his self well groomed. Ebenezer always appeared well groomed.
Casual Wardrobe: Stuart does not dress casually unless he is at home. In public the most casual he can be seen as is without his suit jacket. Ebenezer refused to leave home unless well dressed.
Dressy Wardrobe: Stuart only wears the finest suits, preferring to always look professional. Ebenezer wore tailored suits all the time.


Mood: Stuart always appears to be in a sour mood, as did Ebenezer.
Attitude: Stuart is an opportunist who always sees his glass as half full. Ebenezer was a man who was overly pessimistic.
Stability: Stuart and Ebenezer were both emotionally stable.
Expressiveness: Other than anger, Stuart keeps his emotions well hidden. Ebenezer schooled all of his emotions.
When Happy: When happy, Stuart will have an almost cocky smirk on his face. Ebenezer would have a twinkle in his eyes but no smile on his face.
When Depressed: When depressed, Stuart will grow even more withdrawn, even from the few friends he has. Ebenezer would shut himself up in his office.
When Angry: When angry, Stuart grows belligerent and cruel. When Ebenezer was angry he would yell.
Hobbies/Interests: Though he often finds himself too busy to persue it, Stuart has a passion for boxing. Ebenezer had no hobbies, being took taken with his work.
Pet Peeves: Stuart is agitated when people do not take pride in their work. Ebenezer’s pet peeve was laziness.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Stuart is an atheist but he does believe in ghosts. Ebenezer was Catholic but had no superstitions.
Three Positive Traits:
Three Negative Traits:


Occupations: Banker/Money lender/Lawyer as Stuart, Money lender as Ebenezer
Work Ethic: Both Stuart and Ebenezer are EXTREMELY hard workers who almost never take time off.
Income: Stuart is very well paid, as was Ebenezer.
Wealth/Status: Stuart and Ebenezer are both high upper class.


IQ: Stuart and Ebenezer are above average intelligents.
Degrees: Stuart has both a high school diploma and duel degrees in college. Ebenezer graduated from Oxford.


House: Stuart’s home is actually one of the largest homes in the gated community within Yensidia. To fully explain the home would take days due to the fact that the place is so large. The rooms that are the most used are the living room, Stuart’s office, his bedroom, and the pool. The living room is very Victorian feeling. There is no television and no entertainment system, instead the main center piece in the room is a grand piano that sits in front of a fire place. On the mantle sit books that are the most read in the house, usually by Stuart when he’s in the chair in the corner of the room. The office is on the second story. The room is filled with portraits of past family members, a portrait of his sister and nephew above the cluttered desk where he does most of his work. Stuart’s bedroom is elegant as well. A four poster bed with bed curtains sits with its oak headboard against the wall. The dresser and wardrobe are intricately carved mahogany, a picture of Stuart and Belle sitting on the dresser next to his alarm clock. The final room that Stuart spends a lot of time in is his pool and gym. Ebenezer’s home was quite large and well-furnished as well.
Neighborhood: Stuart lives in Yensidia’s gated community and is only liked by the people there. Ebenezer lived in a townhouse in England but no one liked him.
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