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Post by Shea on Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:50 am

Keep in mind that these characters can be used by anyone. If you feel that you want one of these characters, come talk to me or Shea and we’ll set it up.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_lv53885rci1qem8vl
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_lcz7xsEoTu1qcwsd8o1_400
Character Claim: Yensid
Face Claim: Walt Disney
Character Name: Yensid
Biography: The wizard who defeated Chernabog and held his curse back, his death of old age allowed the curse to seep through. The town became named for him.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_ltyjgz44lh1qhigt0o1_500
Non player characters (NPCs) 32883
Character Claim: Chernabog
Face Claim: Kevin Grievoux
Character Name: Mayor James Chern
Biography: The man who cursed the Disney Universe to turn it into what it is now, Chernabog was not expecting the curse to affect him.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_m4wmguzZDm1rpj8too1_500
Non player characters (NPCs) Delhi6-02
Character Claim: The Peddler
Face Claim: Abishek Bachchan
Character Name: Vasloo Kamari
Biography: Once the peddler who knew the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp, Vasloo Kamari now runs The Bazaar, the shop where most of the precious objects are being held.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_lq529sXG5b1qi9nzzo1_250
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_ltv9tpB4SK1qc7peo
Character Claim: Oswald The Rabbit
Face Claim: Mel Brooks
Character Name: Oswald Rabb
Biography: Once of the oldest members of the Disney Universe, Oswald the Rabbit became Oswald Rabb when the world shifted. As Oswald Rabb, he is the director of St. Walt's Hospital.

Non player characters (NPCs)
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_m25cirUa2C1rpto9ao1_500
Character Claim: Mickey Mouse
Face Claim: Steve Martin
Character Name: Mickey Mosker
Biography: The second oldest member of the Disney Universe, Mickey Mouse became Mickey Mosker when the world shifted. As Mickey Mosker, he is the chief of staff at the hospital.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_mff4h7iReP1rcb0d2o1_250
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_macb6rebYg1reafr3o1_500
Character Claim: Bill Sykes
Face Claim: The Rock
Character Name: Billy Sykes
Biography: A dangerous man who was once a mobster and loan Shark, Bill Sykes kept his name but lost his memories. He now runs Sykes Mechanics and Automotive, as well as being on the mayors counsel as the one who license cars.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_mfxkbnfpeW1s2589qo1_500
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_mkfjr6ZZhu1rrnwc4o6_250
Character Claim: Scat Cat
Face Claim: Robbie Coltrane
Character Name: Nathan Scatt
Biography: Once the trumpet playing alley cat known as Scat Cat, once the universe changed he became Nathan Scatt. Nathan co-owns the Alley Cat with Carter Thomas.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_inline_mrjw39ohnh1qz4rgp
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_m74yipGAD81roglwx
Character Claim: Giselle
Face Claim: Amy Adams
Character Name: Giselle Adams
Biography: Once a young woman in Aldasia who was hell bent on marrying the prince, the curse hit and Giselle never got her chance. Instead she became Giselle Adams, the owner of Enchanted Fashions.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_mcztoqoPKo1qjrfrf
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_lqyxq4YrpR1qmxmrao1_r1_500
Character Claim: Cruella De Ville
Face Claim: Glenn Close
Character Name: Natalie De Ville
Biography: Once the cruel fur fashionista known was Cruella De Ville, once the curse hit she became Natalie De Ville. Natalie owns the high end fashion show, De Ville's Boutique.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_lvxnx421pL1qm6oc3o1_500
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_mus263FEKi1sic2lmo1_500
Character Claim: The Queen of Hearts
Face Claim: Kathy Bates
Character Name: Hanna Queens
Biography: Once the foul tempered Queen of Hearts, once the curse hit she became Hanna Queens. Hanna owns Queens Roses.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_mjrqkrmGQv1rpm1z6o8_500
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_mb71ivv9Yw1rtx3n1o4_250
Character Claim: Belle
Face Claim: Emil De Ravin
Character Name: Anabella French
Biography: Once the bookwork beauty better known as Belle, once the curse hit she became Anabella French. Anabella, who most just call Belle, owns the library/bookstore called Belle's.

Non player characters (NPCs) PINOCCHIO-SNEEZE-GIF
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_md8kr9nWaC1rji7dpo1_500
Character Claim: Gepetto
Face Claim: Ben Kingsley
Character Name: Gepetto Anatoli
Biography: Once the toymaker known as Gepetto, the curse hit and he became Gepetto Anatoli who owns and runs the toy story in town called Geppetto's.

Non player characters (NPCs) Wreck-it-ralph-wreck-it-ralph-32756374-500-182
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_md9cexmdUF1qj5t08o2_500
Character Claim: Wreck It Ralph
Face Claim: John C. Reily
Character Name: Ralph Wrecks
Biography: Once the video game character known as Wreck It Ralph, once the curse hit he became Ralph Wrecks. Ralph is the co-owner of Ralph's Arcade, running the actual arcade part.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_inline_mr3gsrZqli1r1w3fs
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_lqm1xdHYsw1qjzv8oo1_500
Character Claim: Vanellope Von Schweetz
Face Claim: Sarah Silverman
Character Name: Melissa Sweets
Biography: Once the star of the racing game called Sugar Rush, once the curse hit she became Melissa Sweets. Melissa is the other co-owner of Ralph's Arcade, running the go-kart track.

Non player characters (NPCs) Mortimer_House_of_Mouse
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_m5j2ob88i31rpto9ao1_r1_500
Character Claim: Mortimer Mouse
Face Claim: Dan Akroyd
Character Name: Morty Mosker
Biography: One of the older members of the Disney Universe, Mortimer Mouse was as coniving as he was cold. When the world was transfered over, he became Morty Mosker, the little brother of Mickey Mosker. Morty is one of the chiefs of staff at the hospital.

Non player characters (NPCs) 2u9lai9
Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_lvoz56MAo91r3xdoj
Character Claim: Malificent
Face Claim: Angelina Jolie
Character Name: Millie Cent
Biography: A cold woman who was once one of the worlds most powerful sorceresses, the curse even effected Malificent. Malificent, the dark and brooding sorcress, became Millie Cent, a woman who was the town party planner.

Non player characters (NPCs) Tumblr_lysmfpdIdn1qm6oc3o1_500
Non player characters (NPCs) Randy_couture_2010_a_p
Character Claim: The Sheriff of Nottingham
Face Claim: Randy Couture
Character Name: Lucas Wolff
Biography: Once the crafty and conceited sheriff of Nottingham, when the curse hit, the sheriff became Lucas Wolff. Lucas keeps a hand on town as the town's sheriff.


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