Accepted Characters Used By Liz Jay

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Accepted Characters Used By Liz Jay

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:04 am

Seth "Lucky" Rollins-Lucky-101 Dalmations-Seth Rollins

Beca "Kiara" Hunter-Kiara-The Lion King II-Anna Kendrick

Dante-The Ghost of Christmas Past-A Christmas Carol-Drew Fuller

Alex Hoodson-Robin Hood-Robin Hood-Alex Shelley

Jay "Basil" Baker-Basil of Baker Street-The Great Mouse Detective-Jay Reso

Adam Dawson-Dr. Dawson-The Great Mouse Detective-Adam Copeland

Lupa "San" Forester-San-Princess Mononoke-Kiera Knightly

Cal Richards- Calcifer- Howl's Moving Castle-Stevie Richards

Bernie "Bernard" Souris-Bernard-The Rescuers-Tom Mison

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