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RP Name: Nols
Dia Macedonia/Tiana Tumblr_m94pfddizz1qdcbw5
Dia Macedonia/Tiana AoCDtfF_gS2AWXn0xuUPRoEPPwnfXwZHuiBdhEPnDodO3d6vvLSL5Uq_NOcNz8mNsX3kHKIpa0O1Z_0chQvuKKjnpZwydy4gY7wWNcQmq8mzW_tgbw4YYV4VIw-le pic of Disney FC-
Disney Quote: “The only way to get what you want in the world is through hard work.”-Tiana from The Princess and The Frog
Quote: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”- George Bernard Shaw
Disney Theme Song: Almost There from The Princess and The Frog
Theme Song: Who Run The World by Beyonce

Full Name: Dia Macedonia, Tiana
Pronunciation: Dee-ah Mace-don-iah, Tee-ann-ah
Alias: None
Meaning: Dia means day while Macedonia has no meaning, Tiana means fairy queen
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: African American

Height: 5’8” as Dia, 5’3” as Tiana
Weight: 125 lbs. as Dia, 115 lbs. as Tiana
Hair Color: Black with green streaks as Dia, Black as Tiana
Hair Style: Dia usually keeps her hair short and flipped up at the bottoms. Tiana’s hair was long and usually kept in a ponytail.
Eye Color: Brown
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Tattoos: Dia has a frog on top of her left foot to remember her past by as well as several tattoos up and down her arms. Tiana had no tattoos.

Birthday: October 29th
Age: 28 as Dia, 22 as Tiana
Western Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Ruling Planet: Mars
Tarot Card Combination: The Moon and The Hermit, leaning toward The Hermit
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger


General History:
Though they were poor, Tiana’s parents Eudora and James loved her very much. James was a cook, who taught Tiana the importance of a good meal, while her mother Eudora was a nanny for the LeBouffe family, who brought Tiana along. Tiana and Charolette LaBouffe became best friends, though they shared a huge difference. While Charolette believed that a wish on a star would take care of everything, Tiana knew hard work was key. Tiana’s hard work began when she and Eudora lost James in World War I. Tiana knew she had to open the restaurant she and her father dreamed of. She picked up a job as a waitress, picking up another when she turned 18. The jobs put her at odds with being a normal girl her age. When Charolette LaBouffe hosted a Mardi Gras/engagement party for her and the visiting Prince Naveen of Maldonia, Tiana served her famous beignets. The men who owned the property she was so close to buying were at the party and told her no they would not sell it to her after all. In a moment of desperation, Tiana wished on a star. Prince Naveen, who had been turned into a frog by Dr. Facilier who was also known was The Shadow Man, showed up and convinced Tiana to kiss him. The kiss didn’t turn Naveen human but turned Tiana into a frog and the two escaped Charolette’s dog Stella by running into the swamp. The two, Tiana and Naveen, hated each other but soon found that they needed each other to escape from the dangers of the swamp such as gators, not including their new friend Louis, and frog hunters. Louis and their new firefly friend Ray led them to Mama Odie, the good voodoo queen. Tiana and Naveen had slowly started to fall in love but Mama Odie revealed that if they wanted to be human again, Naveen needed to kiss Charolette LeBouff. Mama Odie, however, also told them to look deep within themselves to make sure that this was what they really wanted. Tiana and Naveen shared a dinner prepared by the once spoiled Naveen, who planned to propose to Tiana. After dinner on the boat back to New Orleans, Tiana pointed out the place where she planned on opening her restaurant. Naveen decided against proposing in favor of helping Tiana achieve her dream. Once back in New Orleans, Dr. Facilier had his shadows kidnap frog Naveen. Tiana saw the man Facilier had turned into Naveen on a float marrying Charolette and believed Naveen had turned on her, which broke her heart. Ray told her the truth and Tiana ran off to find Facilier, who offered Tiana her dream restaurant if she just let it all go.
As she was debating the choice, Chernabog’s curse hit and turned Tiana into Dia Macedonia.
Edith and James Macedonia raised Dia in New Orleans before deciding to move their daughter to Yensidia. James was a soldier who went to war in Iraq and was killed in action. Dia started working at a restaurant in town as a waitress to pay for her mother to live comfortably. After high school graduation, Dia went to college on the savings her father left her to get a degree in culinary arts with a minor in business. She opened a jazz bar/restaurant called Tiana’s Palace. While looking for cookbooks in Belle’s, she crossed paths with her object: a Cajun cookbook. Her memories are restored but she keeps it hidden.

James Macedonia-James-father-Denzel Washington
Dia Macedonia/Tiana Tumblr_m4rspaEo2s1qfbe87o1_500
Edith Macedonia-Eudora-mother-Phylica Rashad
Dia Macedonia/Tiana Tumblr_ljilnt67Vk1qzlpzc


Senses: Dia has normal sense for a woman her age, as did Tiana.
Allergies: None
Phobias: None
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: None


Style: When not working, Dia has a punk rock style which starkly contrasts what she dresses like at work. Tiana was usually only seen in her work uniforms because she hardly got out of the house for occasions other than work.
Grooming: Dia sometimes looks disheveled but she is always well groomed. Tiana always made sure she was presentable.
Casual Wardrobe: Dia usually wears tight jeans and tank tops when she’s not working, usually with her combat boots. Tiana was usually seen in comfortable dresses for work and easy going flat shoes.
Dressy Wardrobe: Dia wears beautiful blouses and slacks where she can work but she does have a few high end dresses for high end events at Tiana’s Palace. Tiana only ever wore her dressy clothes for Charolette’s parties.


Mood: Dia, like Tiana, is usually in a good mood.
Attitude: Dia sees the glass as half empty ever since she found out about her real persona. Tiana saw the glass as half full.
Stability: Dia is very stable when it comes down to it. Tiana was stable but not very many people come to her for advice because she was usually busy.
Expressiveness: Dia is expressive until it comes to her anger, then she keeps it hidden. Tiana tried not to let her sadness and worry shine through because she didn’t want to worry her mother.
When Happy: If Dia is extremely happy, she will make discounts at Tiana’s Palace. When Tiana was happy, there would be an added pep in her step.
When Depressed: When Dia is depressed, she will close Tiana’s Palace for the day and spend time at Ralph’s Arcade to try and cheer herself up. When Tiana was depressed, she would retreat into her room so she could cry.
When Angry: When Dia is angry, she withdraws from the rest of town and goes for a hike to cool down. When Tiana was angry, she would grow defensive.
Hobbies/Interests: Besides cooking, Dia takes an interest in jazz music and plays saxophone. She also reads quite a few cookbooks. Tiana loved music and loved to dance.
Pet Peeves: Dia hates when people can’t make up their mind. Tiana was put off by those who did not work hard.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Dia is interested in Santaria and has lots of superstitions. Tiana was a Catholic who was terrified of bad voodoo.
Three Positive Traits:
Three Negative Traits:
Extremely self willed
Short tempered
Over confident


Occupations: Restaurant Owner as Dia, Waitress as Tiana
Work Ethic: Though Dia loves her job, she does have days where she is extremely emotional and closes down the restaurant. Tiana worked very hard all the time.
Income: Dia makes good money, above average wage. Tiana made enough money to keep some and to put some away for her restaurant.
Wealth/Status: Dia is above middle class but not exactly rich. Tiana was middle class.


IQ: Dia and Tiana are both extremely bright.
Degrees: Dia has both her high school degree and a Bachelor’s in culinary with a minor in business. Tiana had her high school diploma.


House: Instead of wasting money on a house, Dia lives in a rather large apartment. She mostly only sleeps there, the bedroom having a classic antique feel to it with all the furniture (a twin size bed, a dresser and matching wardrobe) being a dark mahogany. The bed is up where she can see out of the window from it, the dresser against the opposite wall and the wardrobe at the foot of the bed. A picture of her family sits on the dresser. Tiana had a small apartment that she only used to sleep in between shifts at different restaurants.
Neighborhood: Dia lives in the apartment complex in Yensidia and is well liked by the residents. Tiana lived in New Orleans and the residents liked her.
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