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RP Name: Nols
Ursula Patterson  Tumblr_lx7aqmcImv1qev7jqo1_500
Ursula Patterson  260wjmf
Face Claim: Melissa McCarthy
Character Claim: Ursula
Character Name: Ursula Polbo
Object: The sea shell necklace
Biography: The banished sister of King Triton, Ursula was a mer-octopus who wanted nothing more than absolute power and to be the queen of Atlantica. She saw her chance with her niece, Ariel. Ariel wanted to be a human and, due to her magic, Ursula could grant her that. She did grant her that, in exchange for Ariel's voice. She watched in good humor as the three days passed and Ariel lost the bet. It was even sweeter to her when Triton changed Ariel places so that he was kept in her collection of poor unfortunate souls. The curse, however, set in before she could rule the kingdom. It turned Ursula into Ursula Polbo, one of the higher members of society who acts as a fortune teller and practicer of fake magicks. She has yet to find her own object.
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