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Post by Lizjay on Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:25 am

RP Name: LizJay
Bernie "Bernard" Souris Tumblr_mzdh6hTySW1ruu897o4_r1_250
Bernie "Bernard" Souris 12792-15824
Face Claim: Tom Mison
Character Claim: Bernard from The Rescuers
Character Name: Bernie Souris
Object: His cap he always wears
Biography: He had started out as a quiet and cautious janitor for the Rescue Aid Society in New York City, that all changed when one of the agents Miss Bianca asked for an assignment to help a girl named Penny. When it was decided that she should pick a partner to go with her she choose Bernard to be her pantner, this started the adventure that helped him learn that he could be very brave. The curse hit him during another mission for the Rescue Aid Society, one moment he had been getting ready to leave on Orville and the next he woke up as Bernie Souris a Law student that is working his way through law school. He works at Belle's and lives in the apartments, he has not found his cap or his memories.


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