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RP Name: Nols
Da'vid Markos Batista%2B37
Da'vid Markos Herc
Face Claim: Dave Batista
Character Claim: Hercules (Hercules)
Character Name: Da’vid Markos
Object: The medallion he was left with at birth
Biography: Born a god, Hercules power was stripped from him after birth by Hades henchmen Pain and Panic. Herc grew up feeling as though he never fit in, mostly because he retained his god like strength and didn’t exactly know how to control it. When his adoptive parents told him the truth, he ventured to the temple of Zeus where his origin was revealed to him. Zeus sent Herc to be trained by Philoctetes, a satyr. Phil turned Herc into a strong, noble, and valiant hero. Along the way, he met and fell in love with a human named Megara. Megara, unbeknownst to Herc, was aligned with Hades. Hades used Meg to trick Herc into giving up his power. With the lasting thought that Meg had never loved him, Chernabog’s curse set in. The heroic Hercules turned into the equally heroic Da’vid Markos. Da’vid is one of the most decorated officers on the police force. His only lost medallion is the one that marks him as a son of Zeus, meaning he does not have his memories.
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