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Post by Shea on Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:27 am

RP Name: Shea
Steve 'Lightning' Owens Push-c10
Steve 'Lightning' Owens Lightn10
Face Claim: Chris Evans
Character Claim: Lightning McQueen
Character Name: Steve Owens
Object: A model car that resembles McQueen.
Biography: Lightning was a rookie race car, who was arrogant and sometimes even selfish. During a race, he refused tire changes from his pit crew and only asked for fuel, not wanting to give up his leading position. He paid for it later however, his tires blowing out on the final lap which resulted in him tying with two other cars instead of winning. On his way to the tie-breaker race, Lightning demanded his driver continue all night without rest and soon finds himself lost and alone in a small town called Radiator Springs, where he learns there’s more to a race then just winning and reflects on his mistakes, even making a few friends. One of those friends is Doc Hudson, himself a former race car, who was forced to retire after a wreck during a race. Lightning still managed to make it to the tie-breaker race in time, where an old veteran racer is badly wrecked by the third racer and Lightning stops before finishing the race to help the veteran, costing himself the win, but earning respect from both the other racers and the fans.
It is after turning down a sponsorship offer from a big-name company that Lightning is hit by the curse.  
In Yensidia, Lightning is now Steve Owens, an EMT who works alongside Hudson Carr. No longer remembering his time in Radiator Springs, Steve can often be arrogant like his former self once was and often acts on impulse, his actions having caused him to become almost celebrity-like, despite his job in the hospital. He has not yet found his item.


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