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RP Name: Nols
Harris "Woody" Woodrow 22571688_SA
Harris "Woody" Woodrow Tumblr_lraboufq721qm6oc3o1_500
Face Claim: Trace Adkins
Character Claim: Woody (Toy Story)
Character Name: Harris “Woody” Woodrow
Object:  Spurs
Biography: If there was ever an inseparable duo, Woody and Andy were it. Though Woody was a toy, he was always there if Andy needed him. Yes, there was the setback when he felt Andy was replacing him with Buzz Lightyear but they got over that and Woody made a new best friend. Yes, there was the setback when Woody’s arm was ripped off and he was stolen by a man named Al who worked at a toy store during a garage sale. Not only did Woody make it home from that but he also brought home new friends Jessie and Bullseye. Yes, Woody knew he had it good but he also knew that it wouldn’t last forever. He hoped to be placed in the attic which was a sort of retirement home for toys like him. Instead he ended up, along with the other toys, being given to a day care. The day care was run like a prison by the jealous Lotso Bear and the group of friends could have been killed but they were saved. The toys were then donated to a girl named Bonnie by Andy. The farewell between Woody and Andy left him sad but as he left, Charnabog’s curse set in. Woody became Harris Woodrow, a first grade teacher at Yensidia Elementary. He has not yet found his item, the spurs that attach to his cowboy boots.
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