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RP Name: Nols" alt="" />" alt="" />
Disney Quote: “I’d love to chat. Tea, cake, the whole shebang, but I have a ship to run.”- Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet.
Quote: “One of the advantages of being a captain is being able to ask for advice without necessarily having to take it.”- William Shatner
Disney Theme Song: I’m Still Here from Treasure Planet
Theme Song: Roar by Katy Perry
Full Name: Rebecca Smollett, Amelia
Pronunciation: Ree-beck-ah Smol-let, Am-eel-iah
Alias: Becky or Becca (as Rebecca)
Meaning: Rebecca means snare while Smollett means smile head, Amelia means to rival
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian American as Rebecca, unknown species of feline alien as Amelia
Height: 5’9” as Rebecca, 5’7” as Amelia
Weight: 130 lbs as Rebecca, 140 as Amelia
Hair Color: Brownish blonde as Rebecca, Cream fur with red hair as Amelia
Hair Style: Rebecca keeps her hair short at just the top of her shoulders. Amelia keeps her hair cut jus above the ear.
Eye Style: Blue as Rebecca, Yellow as Amelia
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Tattoos: None
Birthday: May 8th
Age: 25
Western Astrological Sign: Taurus
Ruling Planet: Venus
Tarot Card: Temperance and The Pope, learning toward The Pope
Chinese Astrological Sign: Snake
General History: Born as the only daughter of Alexander Smollett, Amelia learned to be a fine space captain from him. She became the youngest captain aboard a ship at age 20 and the very first female captain. Her first mate Mr. Arrow was the closest thing to a brother she had, even though she did have a slight crush on him. She was assigned to a crew of men of ill repute on her ship the RLS Legacy to help young Jim Hawkins and his escort, Dr. Doppler, get to the fabled Treasure Planet. Amelia kept the ball map safe and assigned Jim to the position of cabin boy. During a super nova, Amelia handled the wheel while ordering Jim to keep the crews lines tied tight so that no one was lost. Jim did as he was told but one of the pirates, Scroop, cut the line of Mr. Arrow, who died. Since Arrow died, Amelia feared that the crew would not. They turned on the orders of the pirate captain, and ship cook, John Silver. During the escape, Amelia was hit with shrapnel and the crash of the burning ship injured her worse.
As she was bleeding out, Chernabog’s curse hit and turned Captain Amelia into Rebecca Smollett.
The daughter of an Army Ranger, Rebecca Smollett grew up wanting to be just like her father. She was a tomboy whose interest was in military and sports. As soon as she was old enough, she signed up to be a member of the Army. It was wile she was doing her ROTC training that she met and fell in love with her unit leader Will Arrow. The two fell in love and could not be together. In a moment of weakness, she gave up her military life to marry Will. She stayed in Yensidia, joining the police force. A few months later, she received news from over seas that Will had been killed in action. Becca keeps her head up though she is now a widow.
Family: Alexander Smollett- not in story- father- Jeff Bridges" alt="" />
Brianna Smollett- not in story- mother- Patricia Arquette" alt="" />
Will Arrow- Mr. Arrow- husband-Vinny Jones" alt="" />
Senses: Rebecca’s senses are appropriate for a woman her age. Amelia had enhanced senses since her species was cat-like.
Allergies: None
Phobias: None
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: Rebecca has been diagnosed as depressed. Amelia had no mental disorders.

Style: Rebecca has a casual, laidback style. Amelia was a woman who always dressed to impress.
Grooming: Rebecca is well groomed though her clothes are sometimes wrinkly. Amelia was extremely well groomed and finely pressed.
Casual Wardrobe: Rebecca loves her jeans and t-shirts, even wearing tank tops on occasion. Amelia’s idea of casual was being seen without her captains hat and jacket.
Dressy Wardrobe: Rebecca has two dressy wardrobes: her police uniform and the dresses she wears on dates. Ameila’s uniform was extremely dressy.
Mood: Rebecca is usually in a good mood though she is hiding depression. Amelia was stern though this didn’t mean she was unhappy.
Attitude: Rebecca is a natural optimist though she had had bad things happen in her life. Amelia believes in the worst in people but the best of situations.
Stability: Though she seems stable, Rebecca is actually on the other end of the spectrum. Amelia was quite stable.
Expressiveness: Rebecca tries to always seem in a good mood, preferring to hide her sadness and anger at the world. Amelia hid her sadness and anger from her crew so that they did not think her soft.
When Happy: When happy, Rebecca will seem to be beaming broadly and will pull pranks on her friends. Amelia would have a charming smirk on her face and be playful.
When Depressed: Though she is most of the time depressed, Rebecca only really locks herself away if she is broken into fits of sobbing. Amelia would pull away from the rest of her crew.
When Angry: Rebecca blames herself when she gets angry. Amelia would snap at her crew.
Hobbies/Interests: Rebecca loves to go on hikes to the clearing in Yensidia woods so she can watch the stars at night. She’s also a huge supporter of the military, going to several ROTC events as well as visiting the graves of fallen soldiers. She also has a cards night with the other police, playing poker. Amelia’s free time was filled with charting stars, making sure her ship was in top shape, and reading.
Pet Peeves: Rebecca hates public displays of affection, believing them to be unneeded. Amelia hated it when her crew didn’t follow orders.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Rebecca is Catholic but has very few superstitions. Amelia had not religion but as a sailor she had several superstitions.
Three Positive Traits: Effective
Three Negative Traits: Strict
Occupation: Police Officer as Rebecca, Interstellar Naval Captain as Amelia
Work Ethic: Rebecca goes beyond hard work because her work helps her to bury thoughts of Will. Amelia found solace and comfort in her work.
Income: Rebecca makes slightly above minimum wage. Amelia was extremely well paid.
Wealth/Status: Rebecca is middle class. Amelia was high class.
IQ: Both Rebecca and Amelia have high IQ’s.
Degrees: Rebecca has both her high school diploma and her degree from the police academy. Amelia had a diploma from the Interstellar Naval Academy.
Home: Since Rebecca lost Will, she moved into the board at Yensidia Police Station. Much like the other rooms in the police station, it’s quite simple. A twin size bed is up against the left wall with a long dresser with a mirror attached against the wall at the foot of the bed. There is an old fashioned trunk at the right side of the bed where she keeps her wedding dress inside with a photo of her and Will on top. Amelia stayed in her room on her ship.
Neighborhood: Rebecca is well liked by the residents of Yensidia. Amelia was liked by the men of her crew.
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