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RP Name: Nols
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Keith Gaspard Tumblr_lzn7ouJp4o1qm6oc3o1_500
Face Claim: Randy Orton
Character Claim: Gaston
Character Name: Keith Gaspard
Object: His Hunting Rifle
Biography: A handsome, strapping, young hunter, Gaston was the talk of the small French town in which he lived and spent a lot of time out in the wilderness. Gaston surrounded himself with rowdy young men like himself and women who wanted to be with him. Yet there was only one woman that Gaston wanted: Belle. Belle turned him down on several occasions, which drove him mad. When Belle's father Maurice came to the village tavern claiming to have been abducted by a wild Beast who now held Belle, Gaston cooked up a plan to force Belle to marry him or have Maurice committed to an insane asylum. Belle turned him down, claiming she loved The Beast. As Gaston used Belle's magic mirror to see the creature that Belle could possibly love instead of loving him, Chernabog's curse hit and turned Gaston into Keith Gaspard. Keith is the starting quarterback on the Yensidia University football team. Keith thinks he is God's gift to women, often flirting with many of the unwed women in town. Though he has a soft spot for the town bookkeeper Belle, Keith has developed an interest in Beca Hunter and in Zara Montague.

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