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RP Name: Nols
Ann Pearson/Pepper Ann Pearson Emma-Stone-Gifs-emma-stone-30493387-500-213
Ann Pearson/Pepper Ann Pearson Tumblr_lybrld3QDK1r6bcqco1_500
Disney Quote: “The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability.”-Remy from Ratatouille
Quote: “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”-e.e cummings
Disney Theme Song: Stand Out from A Goofy Movie
Theme Song: Fat Lip by Sum 41

Full Name: Ann Pearson, PepperAnn Pearson
Pronunciation: An Peer-son, Pep-er-an Peer-son
Alias: Pep (as PepperAnn)
Meaning: Ann means gracious while Pearson means son of Piers, PepperAnn means gracious hot spice while Pearson means son of Piers
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian American

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 117 lbs.
Hair Color: Born blonde but dyed red as Ann, Red as PepperAnn
Hair Style: Ann keeps her hair straightened and down long on her shoulders. PepperAnn’s hair was frizzy but kept in a ponytail.
Eye Color: Hazel
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Tattoos: None

Birthday: November 6th
Age: 19 as Ann, 13 as PepperAnn
Western Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Ruling Planet: Mars
Tarot Card Combination: The Tower and The Chariot, leaning toward The Tower
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon


General History:
PepperAnn Pearson grew up in a house where individuality was highly approved of. Her mother Lydia Pearson had divorced her husband, and PepperAnn’s father, Chuck. That left Lydia to encourage her daughter’s PepperAn and Moose. PepperAnn grew to be the ultimate sassy tomboy in Jr. High. She loved to read comic books about her favorite super heroines, loved to play games at the arcade,and loved to hang out with her best friends Nicky and Milo. Of course, life presented her with the same problems that most Jr. High age girls are presented with: she went through puberty, had her first kiss, and crushed on a boy that didn’t like her back. She dealt with these by imagining herself in a different situation, such as being a super hero or a movie star.
It was during one of these moments that Chernabog’s curse hit which turned PepperAnn into Ann.
Ann’s mother Lydia was strict with both of her children, Ann and Madison, though still loving. Ann got through high school but while shopping for dorm room equipment at The Bazaar, she came across the purple scrunchie that held her memories. She remembered her own life and could see clearly that others led different lives as well, wanting to tell the people. Mayor Chern, in an attempt to keep her from others, convinced Lydia that Ann was insane. Lydia committed her daughter to St. Walt’s Psychiatric Ward.
Lydia Pearson-Lydia-mother-Lisa Kudrow
Ann Pearson/Pepper Ann Pearson Lisa-kudrow-laughing-o
Joe Pearson-Chuck-father-Bill Pullman
Ann Pearson/Pepper Ann Pearson Billpullmangif
Madison Pearson-Moose-little sister-Miranda Cosgrove
Ann Pearson/Pepper Ann Pearson Tumblr_me7mkwMcTB1rq82fy


Senses: Ann has normal senses, PepperAnn’s sense of sight was a little bad and caused her to wear glasses.
Allergies: None
Phobias: Ann is scared she’s actually crazy. PepperAnn had no phobias.
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: An does not have any mental illnesses but Mayor Chern has had her diagnosed with schizophrenia. PepperAnn had no mental illnesses.


Style: Ann prefers to wear cute tops and jeans. PepperAnn wore a lot of sweaters and mini-skirts.
Grooming: Ann has to be groomed according to asylum standards. PepperAnn had a hard time getting her hair not to look wild.
Casual Wardrobe: Ann almost always dresses casually because she has no reason to dress up. She usually wears jeans and cute t-shirts. PepperAnn almost always dressed casually, her go to look being a purple sweater with a mini-skirt.
Dressy Wardrobe: Ann dresses up when she has to meet with Mayor Chern, usually preferring to wear cute and colorful dresses. PepperAnn only ever dressed up to go to school dances but she didn’t enjoy to do it.


Mood: Ann is usually in a depressed mood because she knows she doesn’t belong in the hospital. PepperAnn was usually in a good mood.
Attitude: Despite her situation, Ann has a positive outlook on life. PepperAnn was a glass half full girl.
Stability: Ann is stable but she is often believed by others to not be. PepperAnn was as stable as a preteen girl could be.
Expressiveness: The only two people that Ann is really expressive toward are her sister Madison and Dr. Mosker. PepperAnn had no problem showing off her emotions.
When Happy: When happy, Ann will usually request to spend more time outside of her room than in it. PepperAnn would spend more time at the park with friends rather than inside.
When Depressed: When depressed, Ann will spent time in her room reading. PepperAnn would take time to go to the arcade by herself instead of with her friends to try and cheer up.
When Angry: When angry, Ann will have herself locked in her room so she can sleep. PepperAnn would grow belligerent and troublesome.
Hobbies/Interests: Ann loves to read everything from comic books to dictionaries. She is also interested in video games, loving the moments where Dr. Mosker is allowed to take her to play at Ralph’s Arcade. PepperAnn loved comic books, roller blading, loud rock music, and video games.
Pet Peeves: Ann hates when people call her crazy because she is not. PepperAnn hated when others weren’t open minded about life.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Ann is a non practicing Jewish woman with a few superstitions. PepperAnn was Jewish with a few superstitions.
Three Positive Traits:
Three Negative Traits:


Occupations: None
Work Ethic: If Ann had a job, she would be a hard worker. If PepperAnn had a job, she would have been a hard worker.
Income: Lydia makes sure her daughter has $100 every month. When PepperAnn needed money for something, her mother Lydia would pay for it.
Wealth/Status: Ann and PepperAnn were part of a middle class family.


IQ: Ann is slightly above average intelligence. PepperAnn was of average intelligence.
Degrees: Ann has her high school diploma. PepperAnn was in Jr. High School when the curse struck.


House: Ann stays in a small room in the psychiatric wing in the hospital. The room is simply a cot like bed with a dresser that holds a television as well as a picture of her mother, father, and sister. PepperAnn lived in a small home in the suburbs with her mom and sister.
Neighborhood: Ann lives in the psych ward in the hospital and those who are with it like her. PepperAnn lived in a suburban neighborhood and was liked by her friends.
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