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RP Name: Nols
Hudson Carr Clark-Gregg-image-clark-gregg-36384753-245-200
Hudson Carr Doc
Face Claim: Clark Gregg
Character Claim: Doc Hudson from Cars
Character Name: Hudson Carr
Object: A Piston Cup Trophy
Biography: The Hudson Hornet was a history maker in two ways: one positive way and one negative. The positive influence he had on the history books was the number of wins in a total season as well as his Piston Cup wins. The negative influence was the fact that he quit racing because of a terrible accident that sidelined him from the sport and gave him a bitter outlook on life. Yes, left in the small town of Radiator Springs was good to him for years. However, when a brash young race car named Lightning McQueen ended up arrested and having to repair the towns road, Doc was forced to face his past as a racer. He tried to keep it hidden but Lightning found out after a little while in town. It was after explaining to Lighting why he would never return to racing that Chernabog's curse hit and turned Doc Hudson into Hudson Carr. Hudson was once a big name race car driver who suffered a bad wreck and ended up in the little town of Yensidia. He works at the hospital as an EMT, making emergency runs in town to help people.
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