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RP Name: Nols
John Little/Little John Tumblr_n2k2raUHxG1r4ryq3o2_r1_500
John Little/Little John Little-John-Swaggle
Disney Quote: “I was just wonderin’ are we good guys or bad guys? You know…I mean…uh…our robbin’ the rich to feed the poor.”- Little John from Robin Hood
Quote: “Poor and content is rich, and rich enough.”- William Shakespeare
Disney Theme Song: Ooo-de-Lally from Robin Hood
Theme Song: You’ve Got A Friend by James Taylor

Full Name: John Little, Little John
Pronunciation: Jon Lit-tle, Lit-tle Jon
Alias: Johnny, Johnny Boy (as John)
Meaning: John means God is Gracious while Little means short, Little means short while John means God is Gracious
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian British American as John Little, Bear as Little John

Height: 5’8” as John, 6’7” as Little John
Weight: 172 lbs. as John, 240 as Little John
Hair Color: Brown hair as John, Brown fur as Little John
Hair Style: John usually keeps his hair long enough to keep parted and styled neatly. Little John had shaggy brown fur.
Eye Color: Blue as John, Black as Little John
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Tattoos: John as a tattoo of a lion’s head on his right arm. Little John had no tattoos.

Birthday: April 18th
Age: 37 as John, 9 as Little John (bears age differently)
Western Astrological Sign: Aries
Ruling Planet: Mars
Tarot Card Combination: The Moon and The Hermit, leaning toward The Moon
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon


General History: Before Little John ever met Robin Hood, he was a lord of a small township. Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham taxed him and the township so heavily that he lost his title and his town. While travelling from his town, he came to a tree over a river where he met Robin Hood. Both men wanted to cross the river, dueling to see who would go first. Though John won by knocking Robin off of the tree into the river, he helped the young man up and the two became fast friends. Thus, Little John became the first Merry Man. Little John often dressed up in costume to help his friend pull of a heist. When Robin wanted to rob Prince John’s carriage, the two dressed as gypsy women to do so. The task was successful and, once back at the hideout, Little John encouraged Robin to propose to his long time love Maid Marian. Shortly after, Friar Tuck arrived to convince Robin Hood to participate in a tournament where the prize was a golden arrow and a kiss from Marian. The two attended, Robin dressing as a stork and Little John as a duke named Sir Reginald. The Prince and the Sheriff realized who they were but waited until Robin, under another name, won so that they could take him captive.
It was as Prince John was sentencing Robin that Chernabog’s curse hit and turned Little John into John Little.
Abandoned by his parents, John Little grew up in the church as a ward of Tucker Freer, the town priest. It was here that he met Alex Hoodson and the two grew to be best friends. John had several talents, notably pick pocketing among them. Yensidia’s sheriff Lucas Wolff found out and keeps an eye on him and Hoodson for that reason. John loves to preform and does so every night as the guitarist at The Alley Cat and every day for fun, and a few spare dollars, at the park.
Tucker Freer-Friar Tuck-father figure-John Goodman
John Little/Little John Tumblr_m4x4waIk2t1qgjqmwo1_400


Senses: John has average senses for a man his age. Little John’s were slightly raised because he was a bear.
Allergies: None
Phobias: None
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: None


Style: John has a preppy style, though his clothes are mostly donated. Little John had a habit for dressing comfortably though he did have a theatrical flair due to the fact that he wore quite a few costumes.
Grooming: John keeps his facial hair trimmed short and his grooming impeccable. Little John didn’t worry a lot about grooming.
Casual Wardrobe: John keeps his look preppy, preferring polo and button up shirts. Typically, Little John’s wardrobe was casual, though it just consisted of a green tunic.
Dressy Wardrobe: John prefers not to dress up though he does wear a suit on occasions such as important church services. Little John’s idea of dressing up was not wearing his hat.


Mood: John is usually in a good mood, as was Little John.
Attitude: John is a glass half full man, as was Little John.
Stability: Unless John is in an extremely angry mood, he is the emotional rock of his friends. Little John was the rock of his friends no matter the situation.
Expressiveness: John has no problem being emotional and showing his emotion. Little John would not let his friends see him down.
When Happy: When John is happy his head is held high and a wide smile crosses his lips. When Little John was happy, he would hum and crack jokes.
When Depressed: When John is depressed, he tends to speak in a soft and slow voice. When Little John was depressed, he was not afraid to cry.
When Angry: When John is angry, he grows violent. When Little John grows angry, he grows defensive of his friends.
Hobbies/Interests: John is a fan of sports, often taking part in basketball games at the park. He’s learned in the art of karate. John also plays both acoustic and electric guitar. Little John loved to sing and was talented with his weapon of choice, a long staff.
Pet Peeves: John finds it annoying when he and his friends don’t have enough to live on. Little John was often annoyed by Robin’s day dreaming.
Superstitions/Beliefs: John is a non-superstitious Catholic. Little John had neither religion or superstitions.
Three Positive Traits:
Three Negative Traits:
Too self critical


Occupations: Guitarist for the band at The Alley Cat as John, Thief as Little John
Work Ethic: John is a hard worker who often does work in his free time to make money. Little John worked hard because he knew no work meant no money for the people.
Income: John makes minimum wage. Little John had no income.
Wealth/Status: John lives in the middle class. Little John was poor.


IQ: John and Little John were of average intelligence.
Degrees: John has his GED. Little John had no degrees.


House: John lives in a small apartment with Alex Hoodson. The only room he ever uses is the small room he sleeps in. Instead of sleeping in a bed, he sleeps in a sleeping bag on a cot. A dresser sits along the left wall, close enough so that he can open the drawers from the bed. His guitar is under the bed. Little John had no bedroom due to the fact that he slept outside.
Neighborhood: John lives in the apartments in Yensidia and is loved by the other residents of the apartment complex while those living in the gated community, for the most part, despise him. Little John lived in Sherwood Forest and was loved by the residents of the nearby city of Nottingham.
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