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RP Name: Nols
Harris "Woody" Woodrow/Woody Tumblr_mmheqq6vn61s5anqko1_500
Harris "Woody" Woodrow/Woody Tumblr_lx66c4g7VW1qj3ijio1_500
Disney Quote: “So long partner.”- Woody from Toy Story III
Quote: “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyways.”-John Wayne
Disney Theme Song: I Will Go Sailing No More from Toy Story
Theme Song: Troubador by George Strait

Full Name: Harris Woodrow, Woody
Pronunciation: Hair-is Wood-row, Wood-ee
Alias: Cowboy
Meaning: Harris means son of Harry while Woodrow means row of houses, Woddy means from the lane in the woods
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian American as Harris, Toy as Woody

Height: 6’6” as Harris, 15.18 inches as Woody
Weight: 200 lbs. as Harris, 2 lbs. as Woody
Hair Color: Brown graying hair as Harris, Brown as Woody
Hair Style: Harris usually keeps his hair pulled back into a ponytail. Woody’s hair was painted on his head in a brown spiral.
Eye Color: Blue as Harris, Brown as Woody
Birthmarks/Scars: Harris has a scar on his left arm from a surgery when he was a young man. Woody had his left arm ripped and sewn back on, the stitches that aren’t originally being visible.
Tattoos: None

Birthday: January 13th
Age: 52 as Harris, 55 as Woody
Western Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Tarot Card Combination: Temperance and The Pope, leaning toward Temperance
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger


General History:
Once he was a toy fresh faced to the world looking to impress the little boy he belonged to. After the young boy grew up, he gave Woody to his son Andy. Andy wrote his name on the bottom of Woody’s right boot and since that moment, Woody’s sole purpose in life was to be Andy’s most loved toy. He grew to be a leader to Andy’s other toys which included the cantankerous Mr. Potato Head, the loyal Slinky Dog, and even Woody’s love interest Bo Peep. During Andy’s tenth birthday, he was given an action figure named Buzz Lightyear. Buzz became Andy’s new favorite toy which tested Woody’s mettle. Woody grew jealous and accidentally pushed Buzz out of Andy’s bedroom window as Andy was taking the toy to Pizza Planet. Buzz made his way to the car, where he and Woody fought outside of it until the car took off. The two went to Pizza Planet and ended up in the claw machine where Sid, the neighbor boy who liked to take apart toys, found them and took them home to destroy them. Woody saved them and eventually got them home, the two gaining respect for each other. Years later, Woody’s arm accidentally ripped before Andy took him to cowboy camp. Andy’s mother planned on repairing Woody who, instead of sitting on the shelf to be forgotten, tried to save a penguin squeaky towy named Wheezy. Instead, Woody ended up being kidnapped by a toy store owner named Al. Al had the other toys from an old show called Woody’s Round-Up (a horse named Bullseye, a cowgirl named Jessie, and an old prospector named Pete) and intended on giving the group to a museum in Japan. Woody wanted to go back home to Andy until he heard Jessie’s story of how her owner abandoned her and was convinced to join the group in Japan. Buzz and the other toys came to save Woody, Bullseye, Jessie and Pete. The three, without Stinky Pete who ended up in a girls backpack after trying to keep the others from being whisked away to a happy new home, went back to Andy’s. Even more years later when Andy was going to college, Woody was going to be taken to college with him while the others were supposed to be taken to the attic. Andy’s mother accidentally instead threw them in the trash. The toys ended up at Sunnyside Day Care and refused to go back to Andy, all except for Woody. Though Woody attempted to get back to Andy, he ended up instead with a girl named Bonnie. Bonnie’s toys told him how terrible a place Sunny Side actually was. Woody went back to save his friends only to end up in a dump where they were almost killed in the furnace. A group of other toys, alien toys from Buzz and Andy’s first trip to Pizza Planet, helped them and the group decided to go back to Andy who donated them to Bonnie.
As Andy left a wistful Woody, Chernabog’s curse hit and turned Woody into Harris Woodrow.
A once great rodeo star, Harris settled in Yensidia when he met a woman named Bo and the two had a son named Andy. Harris attended college courses to get a degree in teaching because helping kids interested him. When Andy was in high school, a crash robbed Andy of his mother and Harris of his wife. This put a strain on their relationship and as soon as Andy graduated, he left Yensidia. This depressed Harris who began drinking, calling the real realities of Yensidia’s residents into light. Though he was a teacher, he was allowed to keep his job.
Bo Woodrow-Bo Peep-wife-Robin Wright Penn
Harris "Woody" Woodrow/Woody Tumblr_mz2lb9sQ5A1qli8ufo1_500
Andy Woodrow-Andy-son-John Krasinski
Harris "Woody" Woodrow/Woody Jimmm


Senses: What sort of senses does your Yensidia character have, for example do they have to wear glasses or hearing aids? What sort of senses did they have in their Disney Verse?
Allergies: Is the Yensidia character allergic to anything? Were they allergic to anything in the Disney Universe?
Phobias: Is your character in the Yensidia verse afraid of anything? Was your character afraid of anything in their Disney Universe?
Addictions: Is your character in the Yensidia verse addicted to anything? Was your character addicted to anything in their Disney Universe?
Mental Disorders: Does your character in the Yensidia verse have any mental disorders such as ADD? Did they have one in their Disney Universe?


Style: Harris has a dark, Southern style. Woody could only wear one outfit since it was a part of him.
Grooming: Harris keeps his beard trimmed neatly but his hair is long and wild. Woody didn’t have to worry about grooming because he was a doll.
Casual Wardrobe: Harris usually dresses casually unless he’s teaching. He wears his cowboy hat with everything from his button ups and slacks that he wears after work or his t-shirts and jeans, which he wears on the weekends. Woody only had one outfit.
Dressy Wardrobe: Harris dresses up during the week in suits so he’s looking professional to hold classes. Woody only had one outfit.


Mood: Harris is usually in a calm, even, and neutral mood. Woody was usually in a good mood.
Attitude: Though he acts optimistic when teaching, Harris is actually a pessimist. Woody was an optimist.
Stability: Unless he’s been drinking, Harris is very stable. Woody was always stable.
Expressiveness: Harris keeps his emotions hidden unless it is joy at his class or anger when drinking. Woody was very expressive.
When Happy: When happy, Harris is highly expressive and kind and helps everyone he can. Woody would smile and play games with his friends.
When Depressed: When depressed, Harris will take the attention off of himself in conversation. Woody would withdraw from others.
When Angry: When angry, Harris had two modes. If angry during class, he will let his students know what they have done wrong calmly. If angry while off work, he grows argumentative. Woody would grow defensive.
Hobbies/Interests: Harris is interested in reading as well as music. As well, he is a former rodeo star who still has an interest in horses. Woody loved all sorts of games and fun.
Pet Peeves: Harris doesn’t like it when people think he’s crazy because he has a hard enough time blaming himself. Woody was peeved when his friends didn’t remain loyal to Andy.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Harris is a lapse Catholic with no superstitions. Woody had neither religion or superstitions.
Three Positive Traits:
Three Negative Traits:
Overly self concious


Occupations: Teacher of first grade as Harris, Toy as Woody
Work Ethic: Harris takes his job seriously and works hard. Since work time was play time for Woody, he had fun and worked hard.
Income: Harris makes slightly above average wage. Woody was never paid.
Wealth/Status: Harris is middle class. Woody had no wealth or status.


IQ: Harris and Woody are both slightly above average.
Degrees: Harris has both a high school degree and a masters degree in education. Woody had no degrees.


House: Harris lives in a small home outside of the gated community. He barely uses it except for the rec room, his bedroom, and his office. The main room is the rec room which has a rustic feel with oak walls and black tile flooring. He has a pool table in the center of the room with a black lazy boy chair sitting in a nook by a television. His bedroom is decorated in such the same hardwood style, with a black wood bed up against the wall and black wood dresser on the other wall with a picture of Bo and Andy on it from when they were a happy family. A door near his dresser leads into his office which is a small room with metal filing cabinets and his desk. Woody lived in Andy’s room.
Neighborhood: Harris lives in a small area outside of the gated community and is well liked. Woody was well liked among the inhabitants of the toybox.
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