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RP Name: Nols
Vance Smith/John Smith Tumblr_mgwo5eMTsJ1rf1rd1o1_500
Vance Smith/John Smith Tumblr_n0qwgyib2v1sb146lo1_500
Disney Quote: “I’ve gotten out of worse scrapes than this.”- John Smith from Pocohontas
Quote: “History is the memory of time.”- Captain John Smith
Disney Theme Song: Colors of the Wind from Pocohontas
Theme Song: Adrenalin by Shinedown

Full Name: Vance Smith, John Smith
Pronunciation: Vans Smi-th, Jo-hn Smi-th
Alias: None
Meaning: Vance means from the marsh while Smith means metal worker, John means God is Gracious while Smith means metal worker
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian American as Vance, Caucasian British as John

Height: 6’2” as Vance, 5’4” as John
Weight: 186 lbs as Vance, 115 as John
Hair Color: Brown as Vance, Blonde as John
Hair Style: Vance keeps his hair short and unstyled. John kept his hair parted and well brushed.
Eye Color: Brown as Vance, Blue as John
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Tattoos: Vance has a deer head on his shoulder. John has no tattoos.

Birthday: July 17th
Age: 37 as Vance, 28 as John
Western Astrological Sign: Cancer
Ruling Planet: The Moon
Tarot Card Combination: Judgment and The High Priestess, leaning toward Judgment
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon


General History:
A proud adventurer who was no stranger in foreign lands, John Smith was proud to be among the men who came to colonize the New World with Jameston. While Governor Ratcliffe and the men dug for gold and to establish a fort at the colony, John Smith went to adventure through this New World. It was during this time that he crossed paths with the Native American woman named Pocohontas. The two became fast friends, teaching each other about their respective cultures. John began to fall in love. This love was almost stopped when Pocohontas’ father Chief Powatan forbid her to see any of the white men while Ratcliffe gave John Smith orders to stop seeing any Natives. Both sides planned on attacking the other. John and Pocohontas met up, unaware that they had been followed by Kocoum (Pocohontas’ fiancé) and Thomas (a young colonist). Kocoum attacked John Smith after he kissed Pocohontas, John trying to defend himself. Thomas shot and killed Kocoum to defend his friend, John letting him run and taking the blame for the younger man. The Natives took John captive with intent to execute him at dawn. Pocohontas came to John, the two confessing how much they loved each other. When she left, he broke down to worry about his life. The next day, John was seconds from being executed when Pocohontas saved him by talking her father into saving his life. John was relieved but when he saw Ratcliff about to kill Powatan, taking the bullet intended for the Indian chief. The other colonists turned on Ratcliff and tied him up, transporting him and a dying John Smith back to England.
It was as he was dying that Chernabog’s curse set in, turning him from John Smith to Vance Smith.
Born an only child, Vance’s mother and father considered themselves extremely lucky to have him. They encouraged his side that loved to explore but also were very protective of him. It was this protectiveness that made Vance into a fan of history, specifically the strong and brave pioneers and colonizers of America. Vance wanted to be like these men. He signed up to join the Navy but the death of his father left him alone to take care of his mother. He decided on going to college for education in history, getting his degree at the age of 26. He taught high school for four years before teaching at Yensidia University.

Stephen Smith-not in the story-John Schneider
Vance Smith/John Smith Smallville-season-1-promo-237
April Smith- not in the story- Annette O’Toole
Vance Smith/John Smith Smallville-martha-kent-31488151-245-270


Senses: Vance has natural senses for a man his age, as did John.
Allergies: Vance is allergic to peanuts. John had no allergies.
Phobias: None
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: None


Style: Vance has a casual and laid back Southern style that is similar to that of his best friends Kip and Carters. John was usually dressed in his armor so that he could be protected and dressy.
Grooming: Vance is well groomed. John was groomed up to regulations.
Casual Wardrobe: A hat on his head when not in the classroom, as soon as Vance Smith finishes teaching for the day he’s in jeans and a plaid button up or plain t-shirt. Considering John Smith was a captain in the Navy, he was hardly ever dressed casually.
Dressy Wardrobe: Going to work in the mornings, Vance makes sure he’s dressed as nicely as a professor should be. John usually wore his military uniform so he was usually dressed up.


Mood: Vance is generally in a good mood. John was the same way.
Attitude: Vance sees the glass as half full. John sees the glass a neither half full or half empty, it changes with the situation.
Stability: Vance is emotionally stable, usually being the one that his friends come to when they need to vent. John was also emotionally stable.
Expressiveness: Vance is very expressive, not afraid of what others will think of him. John was not afraid to show his emotions either.
When Happy: When happy, Vance can be seen beaming and conversing with almost everyone. John would smile and crack all sorts of jokes.
When Depressed: When depressed, Vance withdraws into his work for hope that it will cheer him up. John would go off by himself, withdrawing into his love of adventure.
When Angry: When angry, Vance grows agitated and easily snaps at others. John would grow argumentative.
Hobbies/Interests: Vance is interested in learning, mostly about history and nature. When not working, he often takes hikes and reads. John was interested in finding out about new places.
Pet Peeves: Vance is peeved at know-it-alls because he believes in the sharing of knowledge. John found greediness to be his pet peeve.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Vance is a Protestant who has a few superstitions. John was a Protestant who had no superstitions.
Three Positive Traits:
Three Negative Traits:


Occupations: History professor at Yensidia University as Vance, Adventurer/Captain as John
Income: Vance is paid little over minimum wage. John was paid poorly. b]Wealth/Status:[/b] Vance is on the upper half of lower class. John was middle class.


IQ: Vance has a slightly above average IQ. John was of average intelligence.
Degrees: Vance graduated high school at the top of his class and graduated with a bachelors in History Education. John was an educated man but degrees were not created yet.


House: Vance lives in a small single level home in the gated community that was left to him by his father. The living room has olive green walls decorated with pictures of past generations of family members. A gray love seat sits in front of an oak coffee table littered with National Geographics. To the right is the dining room/kitchen area with white tile walls and the same oak hardwood as the living room. All of the appliances are black chrome, a black marble kitchen island in the center of the room with brown stools surrounding it. To the left of the dining room is the staircase leading to the area that serves as the office/Vance’s bedroom. The office is lined with book shelves, a solid oak desk pressed to the wall where he can do all of his studying. The bedroom is decorated with a large four poster bed, a computer desk where he can do his work, and a solid wood dresser. John’s home was his tent.
Neighborhood: Vance lives in the gated community and they slightly look down on him. John spent his life in new lands with new peoples.
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