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The Wind At My Back (open) Empty The Wind At My Back (open)

Post by Made of Stone on Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:14 pm

People got scared when you told them that you were a member of a biker gang, that was something Meghan Avelon learned over the years. She was brought up to know that bikers weren't necessarily evil. Sure, there were a few bad eggs here and there, but overall there were a few good men and women out there.

The family biker gang was one of them.

Led by her father, Garrison Avelon, the Stone Hearts were one of the biggest threats to the way Mayor Chern ran the town. Chern wanted his group, the top brass of town, to stay in power. Garrison and his friends would try and keep those who weren't rich safe. Meghan was a part of that. She loved helping others, loved feeling useful.

She loed it just as much as she loved listening to the music outside Alley Cats. Though she was nineteen, she preferred outside to inside, laying in the grass near the door and just listening.
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