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Like One in a Million (Open) Empty Like One in a Million (Open)

Post by Much To Cool on Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:08 pm

"Mickey, I don't see why I gotta go to these meetings!" Ann Pearson argued as she and Mr. Mick Mosker, one of the heads of the hospital, walked towards where the group councling sessions took place.

"Miss Pearson, I wish you wouldn't call me that. My name is Mr. Mouser," he replied, though there was a jovial gleam in his eyes. "You know you have to go to these meetings so you can get better. Don't you want to get better?"

"There's ntohing for me to get better from!" Ann protested, "I'm perfectly sane!"

That was the question right there. She had found a purple scrunchy that looked familiar in The Bazaar one day, picked it up, and realized that everything in Yensidia was a lie. Even her own memories had been fooled by someone. Her name was Pepper Ann Pearson, not Ann Pearson. Her mother Lydia wasn't a woman who would naturally send her to a place like this. "Miss Pearson, please calm down. After group meeting, I'll bring you a comic book from The Bazaar and some hot chocolate with peppermint from Papa Bears. Sound good?"

She sighed and nodded meekly before she entered the meeting room where others already sat. She felt all wrong, these people should know their pasts.
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