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RP Name: Nols
Carter Thomas/Thomas O'Malley Jason-aldean-o
Carter Thomas/Thomas O'Malley Tumblr_inline_mlovhs1WcD1rk2fhr
Disney Quote: “Humans don’t really worry too much about their pets.”- Thomas O’Malley in The Aristocats
Quote: “Even cats grow lonely and anxious.”-Mason Cooley
Disney Theme Song: Thomas O’Malley from The Aristocats
Theme Song: Stray Cat Strut by The Stray Cats

Full Name: Carter Thomas, Abraham deLacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley
Pronunciation: Car-ter To-mas, A-brah-am de-Lace-ee Gee-o-sup-pe Cay-see To-mas Oh-Male-ey
Alias: None
Meaning: Carter means driver of a cart while Thomas means twin, Abraham means father of many while deLacey means virtuously cheerful while Giuseppe means He shall add while Casey means brave while Thomas means twin while O’Malley means descendant of the follower of St. John
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian American as Carter, Cat as Thomas

Height: 6’1” as Carter, 10 inches as Thomas
Weight: 183 as Carter, 10 lbs as Thomas
Hair Color: Dark Brown as Carter, Orange as Thomas
Hair Style: Carter keeps his hair extremely short. Thomas fur was short and fine.
Eye Color: Carter has grey eyes. Thomas had yellow eyes.
Birthmarks/Scars: None for either
Tattoos: Carter has a tattoo on his shoulder of a deer head and one on his left forearm of a cross and star. Thomas had no tattoos.

Birthday: February 28th
Age: 37 as Carter, 5 as Thomas
Western Astrological Sign: Pisces
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Tarot Card Combination: The Moon and The Hermit, leaning toward The Moon
Chinese Zodiac: Snake


General History: The oldest kitten in a litter of four born to street cats, Thomas O’Malley loved to travel his home continent of Europe and received different names from different lands. One day, while wandering the French countryside, he met a beautiful white cat named Duchess who he was instantly attracted to. He was slightly put off when he found out she had three children. Never-the-less, Thomas promised to get Duchess and her three kittens (Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse) home. Getting back to Paris was a slight struggle. At first they hitchhiked on the back of a milk cart before the driver chased them off. While traveling on a train track, Marie fell in a river and O’Malley rescued her. While travelling the rooftops in Paris, O’Malley introduced them to Scat Cat and his gang. After Scat left, Thomas asked Duchess if she and the kittens would like to stay with him. Duchess declined and once Thomas let them go at their owners home, he left. He did not know that Edgar, the man who had attempted to get rid of Duchess and the kittens, was going to send them to Timbuktu so that he could get the inheritance they would get. Roquerfort, the mouse who lived with Duchess, found Thomas who ran back with the help of Scat Cat and the gang to save Duchess and her kittens. During the scuffle, Thomas was locked in a trunk.
That’s when Chernabog’s curse set in and Thomas O’Malley became Carter Thomas.
Born to two poor parents, Carter Thomas was the oldest of four children. From early childhood lemonade stands to doing odd jobs for people around Yensidia, Carter was intent on making money to provide for himself and his siblings. In high school he met Nathan Scatt and the two became good friends, both taking up playing instruments. This turned into a career, some money being used on their respective families while more money went to being saved up so that the two could eventually open their own bar called The Alley Cat. Nathan, who always had an eye for business, runs the finances while Carter, who was always the life of the party, runs the bar menu and entertainment.
Alcander Thomas-not in story or movie-father-Tim McGraw
Carter Thomas/Thomas O'Malley 200_s
Marcia Thomas- not in story or movie—mother-Faith Hill
Carter Thomas/Thomas O'Malley Tumblr_lzwm4jd7hD1qm76s1o1_500
Dalton Thomas- not in story or movie-oldest little brother-Scotty McCreery
Carter Thomas/Thomas O'Malley Tumblr_lliu8ntqop1qazb0so1_400
Zach Thomas- not in story or movie-youngest little brother- Hunter Hayes
Carter Thomas/Thomas O'Malley Tumblr_inline_mjs3g0MoAL1qz4rgp
Kara Thomas- not in story or movie-little sister- Cassadee Pope" alt="" />


Senses: Carter has average senses but Thomas had raised senses due to the fact that he was a cat.
Allergies: Carter is lactose intolerant. Thomas had no allergies.
Phobias: None
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: None


Style: Carter has a laid back, Southern inspired style. Thomas had no style because he was a cat.
Grooming: Carter is well groomed but he does have a messy look to him. Thomas was as well groomed as a street cat could be.
Casual Wardrobe: Carter’s casual wardrobe is very well rooted in Southern style, with lots of flannel and denim. Thomas had no casual wardrobe because he was a cat and thus did not wear clothes.
Dressy Wardrobe: Carter owns one good suit that has no rips or tears but only wears it on special occasions. Thomas had no dress wardrobe because he was a cat and thus did not wear clothes.


Mood: Carter is generally in a good mood with a smile on his face. Thomas was the same way.
Attitude: Carter sees the glass neither half empty or half full, his beliefs changing upon the situation. Thomas was a bit of a glass half empty guy.
Stability: Both Carter and Thomas are emotionally stable.
Expressiveness: Carter is not afraid to show expressions, nor was Thomas.
When Happy: When happy, Carter can be seen humming to himself much in the manner that Thomas would purr when happy.
When Depressed: When depressed, Carter mopes and seems sluggish. Thomas would grow quiet and slow.
When Angry: When angry, Carter grows argumentative and can often be seen growling and muttering to himself. Thomas would fight whoever made him angry.
Hobbies/Interests: On top of being interested in music, Carter is interested in party planning and bartending. Thomas loved anything that meant having a party.
Pet Peeves: Carter does not like it when people aren’t accepting of others or look down on him because of the choices he has made in his life. Thomas did not like house pets because he felt as if they were always looking down on him.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Carter is a catholic with no real superstitions. Thomas had no real religion but was slightly superstitious.
Three Positive Traits:
Three Negative Traits:
Overly Sentimental
Overly Cautious


Occupations: Co-owner/lead band member at The Alley Cat as Carter, None as Thomas
Work Ethic: Though Carter like his work, he does have a tendency to goof off instead of working. Thomas was a goof off who didn’t work hard.
Income: Carter is on the bottom half of upper class, making enough to be rich but gives too much of it away to his family. Thomas had no income.
Wealth/Status: Carter is on the bottom half of upper class. Thomas was a homeless cat.


IQ: Carter and Thomas are both average intelligence.
Degrees: Carter graduated high school and has an associates degree in business. Thomas never went to college or high school because he is a cat.


House: To conserve money to help his family, Carter lives in an apartment. The living room has white walls decorated with pictures of friends and family while the floors are beige carpet. The television sits on a brown entertainment cent. A guitar sits behind the black pleather couch with a microwave sitting on a bookshelf because he has no kitchen. To the right of the living room is a hallway with an attached bathroom as well as his bedroom. The bedroom is brightly colored with yellow walsl and orange carpet. A messy bed sits across the right wall with a desk against the back wall, piled with books and sheet music. Two guitars sit in the center of the room with a brown dressed against the left wall. Thomas home was wherever he could sleep.
Neighborhood: Carter lives in the apartments and is well liked. Thomas lived in Paris and people liked him.
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