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RP Name: Nols
Antonio Balington/Mowgli Avan%20Jogia%208
Antonio Balington/Mowgli Tumblr_msl2jbALnt1r0b2hgo1_400
Disney Quote: “I wanna stay in the jungle.”- from The Jungle Book
Quote: “Where thou art, that is home”- Emily Dickenson
Disney Theme Song: W-I-L-D from The Jungle Book 2
Theme Song: On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons

Full Name: Antonio Balington, Mowgli
Pronunciation: Ant-oh-nee-oh Bale-ing-ton, Mow-Glee
Alias: Little Britches (called so by Garrett), Man Cub (called so when he was Mowgli)
Meaning: Antonio means highly praiseworthy while Balington has no meaning, Mowgli means frog
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Indian American as Antonio, Indian as Mowgli

Height: 5’11” as Antonio, 5’0” as Mowgli
Weight: 166 lbs. as Antonio, 95 lbs as Mowgli
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Antonio keeps his hair slightly longer than past the top of his ear but as Mowgli he keeps it just at his ears.
Eye Color: Brown
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Tattoos: None

Birthday: February 9th
Age: 22 as Antonio, 10 as Mowgli
Western Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Tarot Card Combination: Temperance and The Pope, learning toward Temperance
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey


General History: Mowgli was found in a basket by the edge of a torn apart boat as a baby by the panther Bagheera. Orphaned and alone, the baby man cub was given to the wolf leader Akela. At the age of ten, Mowgli had to leave the jungle due to the threat of Shere Khan. Bagheera, decided to take the man cub away. Mowgli reluctantly journeyed with Bagheera, one time getting snatched up by the python Kaa and almost being devoured before Bagheera saved him. The very next morning Mowgli met the elephants Colonel Hathi, Hathi Jr., and the Jungle Patrol. Mowgli angered Bagheera to the point where he abandoned the man cub. It was shortly after this that Mowgli met Baloo. Though Mowgli attempted to fight Baloo at first, Baloo was simply amused and took Mowgli under his paw. One lesson was how to roar like a bear, the roar bringing Bagheera back until he learned Mowgli planned on staying with Baloo and he left again. During a float down the river with Baloo, Mowgli was kidnapped by the monkey king Louie and the Bandar log, his people. Louie believed that Mowgli knew how to make fire, which he did not. Baloo and Bagheera saved him. After learning that Baloo wanted to take him to the Man Village, Mowgli fled to the jungle. He met Kaa again, who tried to convince him to trust him with no avail. He ended up in the wasteland, meeting the vultures.  Shere Khan showed up with the intent to kill him but Baloo showed up and fought Shere Khan, the bear getting wounded. Mowgli frightened the tiger away from the bear and he ran off in shame.
That’s when Chernabog’s curse set in and Mowgli became Antonio.
Growing up in the children’s ward of St. Walts until the age of ten, Antonio was one of the more rebellious kids in the orphanage. Perhaps that’s why Garrett Balington took the boy in and adopted him. Antonio slowly but surely learned how to be a decent child, learning the better habits of life. As he grew, he learned to explore and loved to learn. He graduated high school early at seventeen, going on to college at 18. It was while in college, on break from a shift at Papa Bear’s, that he came into The Bazaar. In the Bazaar, he found a basket, that basked being the one that he was found in as a baby. The memory of life before the curse came back and Antonio grew worried that Garrett would want him to leave if Garrett ever remembered.

Akela White-Akela-biological father- Arbaaz Khan
Antonio Balington/Mowgli 20090212-0

Raksha White- Raksha-biological mother-Jaya Prada
Antonio Balington/Mowgli Jaya-pradaAFP

Garrett Balington-Baloo-adopted father- Liev Schreiber
Antonio Balington/Mowgli Tumblr_lqxd7qaQSL1r2ywiko1_500


Senses: Antonio has senses natural for a man his age. Mowgli had slightly raised senses due to the fact that he was raised as a wolf.

Allergies: None

Phobias: Antonio is afraid of Garrett abandoning him. Mowgli had no phobias.

Addictions: None

Mental Disorders: None


Style: Antonio is a very casual, laid back man when it comes to his style. Since Mowgli had only a loincloth, he had no sense of style.

Grooming: Antonio is well groomed, even refusing to grow too much facial hair. Since Mowgli lived in the jungle, he was not exactly well groomed.

Casual Wardrobe: Antonio loves to dress in a casual manner, preferring plaid button ups over muscle shirts or just plain shirts over jeans. Mowgli wore only a loincloth.

Dressy Wardrobe: Antonio doesn’t mind dressing up to go to meetings with Garrett. Mowgli did not know what it was like to dress up.


Mood: Antonio is slightly defiant but most of the time is in a good mood, as was his counterpart.

Attitude: Antonio is an optimist, as was Mowgli.

Stability: Antonio is stable aside from trying to hide his emotions from Garrett. Mowgli was stable with a few childish breaks.

Expressiveness: Antonio is generally expressive around everyone but Garrett because he fears that Garrett will disown him once he finds out who he is. Mowgli was expressive to everyone.

When Happy: Antonio is often bouncy and hums to himself, dancing in a similar manner to Garrett. Mowgli beamed with excitement and childlike wonder when happy.

When Depressed: Antonio grows silent and pulls away from others. Mowgli would run away from his problems.

When Angry: Antonio will act like nothing bothers him when in reality it does. Mowgli would lash out at those who angered him.

Hobbies/Interests: Much like Garrett, Antonio is interested in cooking. He also has a love for learning about other cultures and has a minor in cultural studies. Mowgli liked learning about a lot of things and was interested in it all.

Pet Peeves: Antonio dislikes those who stick too closely to the rules. Mowgli disliked dishonesty.

Superstitions/Beliefs: Antonio is a practicing Buddhist who has no other superstitions. Mowgli, like Baloo, lived by the Jungle Code.

Three Positive Traits:

Three Negative Traits:


Occupations: Busboy/Cook at Papa Bear’s as Antonio, None as Mowgli

Work Ethic: Antonio is a hard worker which he learned from Garrett. Mowgli did not work had, which he learned from Baloo.

Income: Antonio makes a minimum wage. Mowgli did not make money.

Wealth/Status: Making minimum wage, which is what Garrett is legally obligated to pay him, means nothing as he still lives with Garrett. Mowgli had neither since these things do not exist in the jungle.


IQ: Antonio is of average intelligence. Mowgli was a little below.

Degrees: Antonio graduated high school and is going to college with a major in culinary arts and a minor in cultural studies. Mowgli did not attend school.


House: The Balington’s live in a nice two story home outside of the gated community. The home is well kept: the living room is decorated with a black leather couch  which meets a black love seat in an L shape with a table in front of it, the seats focusing in on a flat screen television about a fireplace. The walls in the living room are light brown while the floor is redwood tiling. To the left, in a separate room, is the kitchen/dining area which is hardly touched because Antonio and Garrett eat at the resteraunt mostly. To the right of the living room is a staircase that leads to the upstairs hallway, the downstairs bathroom located to the right of the stairs. Upstairs, the hall is divided with the two rooms, excluding the bathroom which counts as a third room, on the left being Garrett’s and the two on the right being Antonio’s. Antonio’s two rooms are his library and his bedroom. Antonio’s library is carpeted brown with the walls painted to look like trees. There are several book shelves, four at the four corners, full of books. A reading nook with a bean bag chair and a brown table sit in the center of the room. Antonio’s bed room is just as decorative, with black carpet and ruby red walls decorated with pictures of family and friends. His bed, which always looks slept in, is pushed up in the left corner with a brown bedside table stacked with his textbooks for easy access. His laptop also sits on the bedside table. A brown shelf sits underneath a poster of the band that plays at the Alley Cat.

Neighborhood: Antonio doesn’t live in the gated community but instead in a house right outside. The residents of Yensidia like him. Mowgli lived in the jungles of India his entire life. The residents of the jungle liked him, except for Shere Khan.
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