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RP Name: Nols
Garrett Balington/Baloo YsL8Z46
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Disney Quote: "So just try and... relax. Yeah. Cool it. Fall apart in my backyard. 'Cause let me tell you something, little britches: if you act like that bee at... Uh-uh. You're working too hard."- Baloo from The Jungle Book
Quote: “I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble.”- Rudyard Kipling
Disney Theme Song: The Bear Necessities from The Jungle Book
Theme Song: Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFarin

Full Name: Garrett Balington, Baloo means Bear
Pronunciation: G-air-ret Bail-ing-ton, Bah-Loo
Alias: Papa Bear (called so by Antonio Balington/Mowgli)
Meaning: Garrett means spear rule while Balington has no meaning, Baloo means Bear
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian American as Garrett, Bear as Baloo

Height: 6’3” as Garrett, 6’0” as Baloo
Weight: 195 lbs. as Garrett, 250 as Baloo
Hair Color: Black and graying as Garrett, Grey as Baloo
Hair Style: Kept very short so that almost nothing can be done with it as Garrett, Baloo’s fur was short and scruffy
Eye Color: Blue as Garrett, Periwinkle eyes
Birthmarks/Scars: Garrett has a scar across his chest from a car accident when he was younger. Baloo has a scar across his chest from a fight with Shere Khan.
Tattoos: None

Birthday: October 4
Age: 46 in Yensidia, 12 (which is a lot older in bear years) as Baloo
Western Astrological Sign: Libra
Ruling Planet: Venus
Tarot Card Combination: Wheel of Fortune and The Magician, leaning toward The Magician
Chinese Zodiac: Sheep


General History:
Raised by two sloth bears who embodied the sin of sloth, Baloo was a carefree soul who took care of himself. The wolves and Bagheera the panther knew better than to try to make him settle down and stop his carefree ways. Bagheera knew better than anyone because, at one time, he and Baloo and Shere Khan and Louie the ape had been friends. But time flew by and each went their different ways. It wasn’t until Mowgli ran from Bagheera, who had been trying to take the young man cub back to the village, that Baloo and his old friend were reunited. Baloo finally had someone to care about and took good care of Mowgli, teaching him all about the jungle. Baloo went to get his almost adoptive son Mowgli back from Louie the ape, the orangutan who professed himself the king of the jungle, who had kidnapped Mowgli to teach him to make fire. Baloo saved Mowgli but Bagheera talked him into taking Mowgli to the man village. Baloo agreed and on the way to the village, Mowgli found out where they were going and ran away. Baloo went after him, protecting Mowgli against the tiger Shere Khan who wounded Baloo near death.
That’s when Chernabog’s curse hit, turning Baloo into Garrett Balington.
Garrett was born an only child to a mom and dad who cared about him but did not do much outside of working. He went through school developing a love for not only his work but for all aspects of life as well. He decided early on that he loved food and worked hard to attend college to get a degree in culinary arts with a minor in business. He opened up a little bakery called Baloo’s but his life still felt a little empty. That’s when he decided to adopt a little boy named Antonio. Antonio started calling Garrett by the name Papa Bear, which is what Garrett eventually went on to rename the bakery as he acted as Antonio’s father.  

Karsten Balington-not in movie or story-father-Jon Voight
Garrett Balington/Baloo Mickey-library

Amelie Balington- not in movie or story-mother- Maggie Smith
Garrett Balington/Baloo Dowagercontrary

Antonio Balington-Mowgli-adopted son-Avan Jogia
Garrett Balington/Baloo Tumblr_lu2em2d9qg1qaqgsp


Senses: Garrett has all the senses that a man in his 40’s should. Baloo’s senses were heightened due to the fact that he was a bear.

Allergies: None

Phobias: Garrett has a feline phobia, being afraid of large cats such as tigers. Baloo had no phobias.

Addictions: Garrett is a smoker. Baloo had no addictions.

Mental Disorders: None


Style: Garrett’s style, like his personality, is eclectic. He likes to wear button-ups and jeans but can rock a simple t-shirt and slacks just as easily. Baloo, being a bear, had no style.

Grooming: Garrett is well groomed, keeping both his beard and hair trimmed short. Baloo was well groomed for a bear.

Casual Wardrobe: Garrett prefers bright colors in his wardrobe. He constantly mixes up what he’s going to wear, though he will not wear slacks in to work. Baloo did not wear clothes.

Dressy Wardrobe: Garrett will not wear nice clothes to work but if he has to meet with people at City Hall, he will wear a nice suit. Baloo did not wear clothes.


Mood: Garrett is nine times out of ten in a GREAT mood. He believes you get no where in life without a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Baloo was also always in a good mood.

Attitude: Garrett is a wide eyed optimist but knows that sometimes you will get the worst in life, you just have to stand up to it. Baloo was the same way.

Stability: Garrett is naturally stable, ready to take on whatever this world can throw at him. Baloo was the emotional rock for his friends.

Expressiveness: Garrett does not hide his emotions, preferring instead to let people know he is human and that he has flaws. Since Baloo did not spend a lot of time around animals other than himself, he did not see a reason in hiding his emotions.

When Happy: When Garrett is happy, he spends time humming and seeming to dance instead of walk. Baloo did dance instead of walk when he was happy.

When Depressed: Garrett withdraws into his work when he gets depressed. Baloo would cry, if the situation was deep enough, when he was depressed, but if the situation was not deep enough he would stay glum by himself.

When Angry: Garrett will argue if angry, always wanting to defend himself over what has gotten him angry. Baloo also grew defensive.

Hobbies/Interests: Garrett has a slew of interests ranging from cooking to dancing to the fact that he is trying for his pilots license. Baloo’s only interest was in having fun.

Pet Peeves: Garrett does NOT like people who aren’t willing to try new things. Baloo did not like those who were mean.

Superstitions/Beliefs: Garrett is a practicing Buddhist, believing in the truth of the lessons taught. He has a few superstitions that are regarded by his peers to be silly. Baloo had no religion but he believed in The Jungle Code, a set of personal laws to help him live life to the fullest.

Three Positive Traits:

Three Negative Traits:
Worries a lot
Somewhat narcissitic


Occupations: Garrett is the owner and head chef of Papa Bear’s. Baloo did not have a job.

Work Ethic: Garrett is a hard worker, wanting to make the best of his life. Baloo was NOT a hard worker.

Income: Garrett is the bottom of the upper class. Baloo did not make money as a bear.

Wealth/Status: Garrett is at the bottom of the upper class, living comfortably in a nice house instead of a home in the gated community. He is well liked by his peers. Baloo was liked by the residents of the jungle.


IQ: Garrett has an above average IQ while Baloo was slightly below average.

Degrees: Garrett graduated high school on top of his class as well as having a degree in business and culinary from Yensidia University. Baloo did not go to school so he had no degrees.


House: The Balington’s live in a nice two story home outside of the gated community. The home is well kept: the living room is decorated with a black leather couch which meets a black love seat in an L shape with a table in front of it, the seats focusing in on a flat screen television about a fireplace. The walls in the living room are light brown while the floor is redwood tiling. To the left, in a separate room, is the kitchen/dining area which is hardly touched because Antonio and Garrett eat at the resteraunt mostly. To the right of the living room is a staircase that leads to the upstairs hallway, the downstairs bathroom located to the right of the stairs. Upstairs, the hall is divided with the two rooms, excluding the bathroom which counts as a third room, on the left being Garrett’s and the two on the right being Antonio’s. Garrett’s two rooms are an office and his bedroom. Garrett’s office is very plain: the white walls are decorated with pictures of lush jungle scenes as well as pictures with him and Antonio. On the left wall he has a brown cork board decorated with different recipes he wants to try. He has two bookcases on either side of a window, in front of the window sits a desk that he does work such as forming new ideas and budgeting. Garrett’s room is a hodge podge of his interests. A large four poster bed sits in the center of the room, a desk with his laptop on the far left wall. The walls are brown with pictures of foreign countries on it while the carpeting is beige.

Neighborhood: Garrett doesn’t live in the gated community but in an area right outside of it and is well liked by his peers.
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