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RP Name: Nols
Roman Joseph Burroughs/Tarzan WIK3aJs
Roman Joseph Burroughs/Tarzan Tumblr_llkihi1cwJ1qjt9p1o1_500
Disney Quote: “I’ll be the best ape ever!”- Tarzan from the movie Tarzan
Quote: “The more you learn about the dignity of the gorilla, the more you want to avoid people.”= Dian Fossey
Disney Theme Song: Son of Man by Phil Collins from Tarzan
Theme Song: In The Wilderness by Genesis

Full Name: Roman Joseph Burroughs, Tarzan
Pronunciation: Row-man Bir-rows, Tar-zen
Alias: None
Meaning: Roman means from Rome while Burroughs means near a hill, Tarzan means white skinned
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Samoan American as Roman, Caucasian English as Tarzan

Height: 6’3” as Roman, 6’0” as Tarzan
Weight: 265 lbs. as Roman, 200 lbs. as Tarzan
Hair Color: Roman has black hair while Tarzan has brown.
Hair Style: Roman keeps his hair long but well kempt. Tarzan kept his long and since he did not bathe, it was in dreads.
Eye Color: Roman has brown eyes while Tarzan has blue.
Birthmarks/Scars: Roman has a scar across his side that he got from a fight at the bar he works at. Tarzan has one major scar, across his side, from a fight with the leopard Sabor.
Tattoos: Roman has a full sleeve on his left arm that signifies his tribal Samoan heritage. Tarzan did not have any tattoos.

Birthday: May 25th 1985
Age: 28
Western Astrological Sign: Gemini
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Tarot Card Combination: The Star and Strength, leaning towards Strenght
Chinese Zodiac: Ox


General History: From the moment he was born, Tarzan’s life was full of strife. One of the earliest moments of his life was his mother and father getting him and themselves into a life boat so that they could escape the burning ship they were on. They ended up on the continent of Africa, having to build a large treehouse for themselves to live in. They lived happily until the leopard Sabor attacked and killed the man and woman, who had hid Tarzan. Tarzan would have starved had he not been found by the gorilla Kala. Kala, having just lost her own son, took in Tarzan and raised him as an ape. At first it was hard but he had finally found his place by the time he was an adult in his late twenties. He even killed Sabor after the leopard tried to attack more baby gorillas. It was when Professor Archimedes Q. Porter, his daughter Jane, and their guide Clayton came to the jungle to study gorillas that Tarzan met humans for the first time. He saved Jane, who taught him how to read and write and speak English. Over time, Tarzan fell in love with Jane and asked her to say with him but she turned him down.
That was when Chernabog’s curse hit and he turned from Tarzan into Roman Burroughs.
Raised by Kala and Lance Burroughs, Roman grew up in a very extended home with two other families in it. Since he was adopted, he sometimes found it hard to fit in and felt that Lance didn’t love him. He made two friends in the families that lived with him: the tomboyish Terkina, who they called Terk and who happened to be his cousin, and the shy Wayne Tantor. In high school, he made quick friends with Dean Joel who ended up moving into an apartment with Roman after graduation. Roman, who had always been built muscularly, took a job as the Alley Cat as a bouncer to pay for not only his place with Dean but to help his family back home as well.

Lance Burroughs-Kercheck-Adopted Father-Peter Capaldi
Roman Joseph Burroughs/Tarzan Tumblr_mydqwakRYF1r2xpibo4_500
Kala Burroughs-Kala-Adopted Mother-Julianne Moore
Roman Joseph Burroughs/Tarzan Julianna-moore-gif
Terkina Burroughs-Terk-Adopted Cousin-Jennifer Morrison
Roman Joseph Burroughs/Tarzan Tumblr_mbftkgun1T1rcc3wgo1_500
Wayne Tantor-Tantor-Cousin Through Marriage-Topher Grace
Roman Joseph Burroughs/Tarzan Tumblr_lxvax7SaMd1r65vmko1_500


Senses: Roman has a slightly advanced sense of hearing but his other senses are normal. Tarzan’s senses were heightened due to living as a gorilla.

Allergies: None

Phobias: None

Addictions: None

Mental Disorders: None


Style: Roman has a casual style, loving jeans and t-shirts in comparison to slacks and button ups. The only style Tarzan had was VERY laidback, wearing nothing but a loincloth.

Grooming: Roman is very well groomed, even keeping his long hair well kept. Tarzan was well groomed by ape standards but not really by human standards.

Casual Wardrobe: Roman can almost always be seen in  jeans and a t-shirt, especially when he’s working because he doesn’t want to get nice clothes ripped and torn by doing his job. Tarzan was usually seen in nothing but a loin cloth.

Dressy Wardrobe: Though he seems to be not rich enough to afford nice suits, Roman has a few Armani suits due to having regular meetings with Nathan Scatt and Carter Thomas. Tarzan owned a suit that had previously belonged to his father.


Mood: Roman always looks like he’s angry but in all actuality he is a very jovial man. Tarzan, looking the same ways, was very jovial.

Attitude: Roman sees the glass as half full, being the optimist to Dean Joel’s pessimist. Tarzan was also an optimist.

Stability: Roman, much like Tarzan, is an emotional rock for his friends, always being the stable one.

Expressiveness: Roman is not very expressive except for his eyes which can usually betray how he feels. Tarzan did let emotion through every now and then.

When Happy: When happy, Roman’s moves are quick and snappy. He may not smile but there is the fact that you can see it in his eyes. Tarzan would laugh and pull pranks with friends when happy.

When Depressed: The way to tell if Roman is depressed is to watch his eyes or watch his movements, which slow down. Tarzan would withdraw himself from the other gorillas.

When Angry: Due to his size, its usually not a great idea to anger Roman. Roman’s eyes betray his feelings as do his quick and fierce movements. Tarzan would grow protective if he was angered by someone who wasn’t a family member.

Hobbies/Interests: Roman is interested in learning about nature, especially monkies and apes. He also loves to play the drums and do a little bit of parkour. Tarzan loved to swing on vines or climb trees, later when he met Jane he enjoyed reading about the far off place called England.
Pet Peeves: Roman does NOT like arrogance nor does he like those that think they are better than others. Tarzan did not like arrogance or those who think they are better than others either.

Superstitions/Beliefs: Roman is an agnostic who doesn’t have many superstitions. Tarzan did not have any religious views but he was very superstitious.

Three Positive Traits:

Three Negative Traits:
Lack of focus


Occupations: Roman is a bouncer at the Alley Cat. Tarzan had no job other than to protect his family and the rest of the jungle.
Work Ethic: Both Roman and Tarzan are hard workers.

Income: Roman makes enough that he can support himself and help support Dean and his family.

Wealth/Status: Roman is a middle class worker, so he’s not extremely wealthy but he is well liked by the residents of Yensidia.


IQ: Roman has an average IQ but Tarzan’s was slightly below average.

Degrees: Roman graduated high school but never went to college. Tarzan never graduated either because the jungle does not have schools.


House: Roman lives in an apartment with his best friend Dean Joel. There is a main room, the living room, which has no couch but instead two Lazy Boy chairs (separated by a brown end table) and several bean bag chairs. The walls in the main room are decorated with pictures of bands and of movies and of the respective mens families. The television sits against the left wall on an entertainment center. The carpet is black. To the left is an adjoined small kitchen area with white walls, black and white checkered tile, and white cabinets as well as a refrigerator and stove/microwave. To the right of the living room is a hallway which has a small bathroom as well as the two boys rooms attached. Roman’s room is always well kept but instead of having a bed, Roman prefers to sleep in a hammock attached to the walls which are painted a bright green while the floor is a deep brown. On the far left wall he has a desk with a book case on either end. The desk is usually piled up with his laptop as well as any book he is reading and a small globe. In the center of the room is his drum set, which he can be heard playing if he’s bored. The hammock is on the right wall near the closet door as well as the door to leave the room.

Neighborhood: Roman lives in the apartments of Yensidia and is kind to the neighbors, often helping the older ones if they need it.
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