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RP Name: Nols
Dean "Dodge" Joel/Dodger 51
Dean "Dodge" Joel/Dodger Tumblr_m6rmimsomZ1rxui9eo1_500
Disney Quote: "Consider this a free lesson in street savoir faire from New York's coolest quadruped."- Dodger from Oliver and Company
Quote: "Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not."- George R.R. Martin
Disney Theme Song: Why Should I Worry by Billy Joel from Oliver and Company
Theme Song: Angry Young Man by Billy Joel

Full Name: Dean Joel, Dodger
Pronunciation: Deen Jo-el, Dodge-r
Alias: Dodge
Meaning: Dean means from the valley while Joel means Jehovah is God, Dodger means one who dodges
Gender: Male and identifies as such
Ethnicity: Caucasian American as Dean, Dog as Dodger
Height: 6'4" as Dean, 15 inches as Dodger
Weight: 225 lbs as Dean, 15 pounds as Dodger
Hair Color: Dirty blonde as Dean, White fur with brown spots as Dodger
Hair Style: Dean keeps his hair short but very messy while Dodger's fur is short but shaggy.
Eye Color: Blue as Dean, Brown as Dodger
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Tattoos: None

Birthday: December 7th 1985
Age: 28 as Dean, four (which is 28 in dog years) as Dodger
Western Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Tarot Card Combination: The Devil and The Lovers, leaning more toward The Devil
Chinese Zodiac: Ox


General History:
Born the runt of his litter, Dodger was never picked to have a home. He wandered the streets, looking for where he belonged until he found a man by the name of Fagin and his dog Einstein. Fagin took in Dodger and that started the happy little family. It wasn't long before Francis, a bulldog, and Rita, a collie, and Tito, a chihuahua, joined the family. Though they lived in a run down boat and had to steal to survive, Dodger didn't care because he finally had a family. One day while out to get his family some food, Dodger came across a little tabby kitten named Oliver. Oliver was at first just an easy mark for Dodger to steal a link of sausages from but when the cat followed him home, Dodger took him in as one of the boys and took a liking to him. Dodger bought Oliver along in the street to teach him to steal, pairing him with Tito and Francis. The job, stealing a limousine, was a bust but Oliver was taken in by a rich little girl named Jenny. While Oliver was living it up, Dodger and the others looked frantically for him. However, when they found he was happy in the lap of luxury after bringing him home, Dodger felt utterly betrayed. He braved Sykes office with Fagin and fought against Sykes doberman's Roscoe and Desoto, who nearly killed him.
This was when Chernabog's curse set in, transporting him to Yensidia and turning him into a man named Dean Joel.
As the second oldest in a multi cultural adopted family, Dean always felt that he owed his life to his adopted father Fagin. He protected his siblings: the eldest who was a smart boy named Albert, the English theater obsessed Frankie, the only girl Rita, and the roughneck Tito. In high school he was a fighter, only protecting the little guys. As soon as he graduated, he took a permanent job in Sykes Automotive and Mechanics to support his family. The majority of his life, at least ten years, has been spent there. He's lived with Roman Burroughs, his best friend since elementary school, for the last five years though a big portion of his check goes to his family.
Fagin Joel-Fagin-Adopted Father
Dean "Dodge" Joel/Dodger SN95U
Albert Joel-Einstein-Adopted Older Brother
Dean "Dodge" Joel/Dodger Giphy
Frankie Joel-Francis-Adopted Younger Brother
Dean "Dodge" Joel/Dodger Tumblr_midgz4RrjM1r8bdnuo1_500
Rita Joel-Rita-Adopted Sister
Dean "Dodge" Joel/Dodger Tumblr_mu5jjwz1pg1qcm0m3o1_500
Tito Joel-Tito-Adopted Younger Brother
Dean "Dodge" Joel/Dodger Tumblr_ltjqwfslvd1qb3f0ao6_r1_500


Senses: Dean's senses are that of an average male of his age. However, as Dodger they are heightened due to the fact that he was a dog.
Allergies: None
Phobias: None
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: While it could be said that Dodger was a bit of a kleptomaniac, Dean Joel does have a real disorder in Yensidia. He has bipolar disorder.


Style: If Dean's style was explained in one word, it would be casual. He doesn't care too much about dressing up and looking good. Dodger, being a dog, didn't do clothing except for two items: his red scarf and his signature sunglasses.
Grooming: Dean, though well groomed, usually has a grease stain on his shirt or jeans because he is always working. Dodger could only be as well groomed as a stray dog could be.
Casual Wardrobe: Dean dresses casually nine times out of ten. He prefers jeans to slacks, graphic t-shirts to button ups. Dodger on the other hand never wore clothes so his style can't be called casual.
Dressy Wardrobe: Dean prefers not to wear dressy outfits but when he is required to, the look of stiffness and unfamiliarity is evident in his eyes. Again, Dodger did not wear clothes.


Mood: Dean is usually in an upbeat mood, unless he's at work. When he's at work, Dean becomes quiet and sullen. This is a stark contrast to Dodger who was always upbeat, even in the face of danger.
Attitude: Dean sees the glass as half empty, being a pessimist as life has taught him through harsh lessons. Dodger, on the other hand, was taught to be an optimist through these times.
Stability: Though he seems it on the outside, Dean is not emotionally stable due to the bipolar disorder. He takes a lot of care in not letting his instability seep through. Dodger was the emotional rock for his friends, staying strong when they needed him.
Expressiveness: Dean is more willing to express positive emotions such as joy than he is willing to express negative emotions such as anger due to his bipolar disorder, he thinks he'll make people think he's crazy. Dodger was the same way only he felt this way because he felt that letting the others see the bad emotions would lower their spirits.
When Happy: When Happy, Dean can be spotting boasting a wide grin and walking or moving in almost a rhythmatic pattern that seems to give his movements a bit of a swagger. Dodger was the same way, his movements more of a dance.
When Depressed: When sad, Dean usually stays out of the public eyes, preferring not to let people see him down. Dodger was never one to show he was sad, instead preferring to stay strong for his friends.
When Angry: When angry, Dean has two modes: quietly seething or full lash out. He has the quietly seething mode where he will pull himself aside for any situation and try to cool down. The other is a lash out. If the person does not mean anything to him, he will yell and fight. Dodger also had two different methods of showing anger: keeping it to himself or becoming a fighter. If one of Fagin's dogs angered him, he would withdraw himself from the situation. If someone else would anger him, he would growl and snap.
Hobbies/Interests: Dean, like he did when he was Dodger, has a knack for the piano and music. Unlike when he was Dodger, however, he has a real interest in the guitar.
Pet Peeves: Dean does not like it when people, especially his friends, put themselves down. Dodger didn't like it when people picked on his friends.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Dean is a lapse Catholic, meaning while he believes in God, he hasn't attended church services in quite some time. He believes in luck, citing himself to be one of the luckiest people he knows. Dodger did not practice a religion nor was he particularly religious.
Three Positive Traits:
Three Negative Traits:


Occupations: Dean is a mechanic at Sykes Automotive and Mechanics. Dodger had no official job but he was a thief.
Work Ethic: Dean is a hard worker who, other than going out and partying with Roman on the weekends, hardly takes breaks from his work. Dodger worked hard for the family but was very laid back.
Income: Dean makes minimum wage in Yensidia. Dodger didn’t have an income, he stole what he could.
Wealth/Status: Dean is a middle class citizen while Dodger was barely scraping the bottom of the barrel.


IQ: Dean and Dodger may not have been the smartest people and person but both have slightly above average IQ’s.
Degrees: Dean has his high school diploma but Dodger never went to school.


House: Dean lives in an apartment with his best friend Roman Burroughs. There is a main room, the living room, which has no couch but instead two Lazy Boy chairs (separated by a brown end table) and several bean bag chairs. The walls in the main room are decorated with pictures of bands and of movies and of the respective mens families. The television sits against the left wall on an entertainment center. The carpet is black. To the left is an adjoined small kitchen area with white walls, black and white checkered tile, and white cabinets as well as a refrigerator and stove/microwave. To the right of the living room is a hallway which has a small bathroom as well as the two boys rooms attached. The walls in Dean’s room are decorated with posters of bands and pictures of his family. The bed is almost never made, Dean sleeping usually as soon as he gets back from work. Against the left wall he has a small keyboard and guitar. He has a radio on the brown nightside table next to his bed. The apartment is MUCH roomier and nicer than the houseboat he lived in as Dodger.
Neighborhood: Dean lives in the apartments and is well liked by his neighbors. Dodger lived in New York City and was seen as a mongrel.

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