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RP Name: Shea
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Face Claim: Halle Berry
Character Claim: Zira
Character Name: Zara Montague
Object: A stuffed animal of a lioness resembling Zira.
Biography: Zira was a ruthless lioness who lived in the Outlands where she practically worshipped Scar, and was one of his most devoted followers. She swore revenge against Simba when he became king of the Pridelands, thinking the lion was responsible for his uncle Scar’s death. Zira had three children: Nuka, Vitani and Kovu, who was chosen to be Scar’s heir despite not being his cub. As part of her revenge plan, Zira attempted to have Kovu kill Simba once he reached adulthood, but instead Kovu fell in love with Simba’s daughter Kira and helped the warring prides unite. Angered by Vitani and Kovu joining Simba’s pride; Zira tried to kill Kiara. Instead, Zira fell over the edge of the cliff they had fought on and rejected Kiara’s help; choosing instead to fall to her death in the flooding canyon below. This was when the curse hit and Zira found herself suddenly very different; at least in looks. She’s now a woman living in Yensidia as Zara Montague and her personality isn’t much different, but she works in De Ville’s Boutique and gets along quite well with the owner, Natalie.
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