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RP Name: Sami?
Scott 'Shere Kahn' Keeton Tumblr10
Scott 'Shere Kahn' Keeton Sherek10
Face Claim: Tom Hiddleston
Character Claim: Shere Khan
Character Name: Scott Keeton
Object: A small ceramic figure of a Bengal tiger
Biography: As a large, powerful Bengal tiger, Shere Khan was known as the King of the jungle he lived in and was feared by the other animals. His presence alone was enough to intimidate the inhabitants of the jungle. His family was killed by men with guns and fire, making the two the only things the tiger feared. The experience also led to him hating humans, which is what caused him to try and hunt down Mowgli when he learned Baloo was letting the boy live with him in the jungle. Shere Khan’s jungle. Or at least that’s how the tiger saw it. Eventually, there was fight between Baloo and Shere Kahn, which ended in the tiger killing the bear and Mowgli humiliating Khan by scaring him with fire.
As he was running away from Mowgli, Shere Khan was hit by the curse.
Now, there’s a new resident in Yensidia; a man who, while he is polite, prefers to stay by himself in his home. When people do get to see him, Scott Keeton is fairly quiet and hates people touching his things, but can be sarcastic at times, especially when uncomfortable or irritated. He also has a darker, violent side that Yensidia is yet to see. New to the town where his object is hidden, Scott is yet to find it and remembers nothing of the jungle, Mowgli or the bear he killed. He does however live in the rich area of town and trains horses. He also has a second job he keeps secret, having been picked up to work for Mayor Chern as his 'eyes and ears'.
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