Things You Never Knew You Never Knew (Open)

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Things You Never Knew You Never Knew (Open) Empty Things You Never Knew You Never Knew (Open)

Post by Brave New World on Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:43 pm

"Alright class, we'll pick up Wednesday at the colonization of America," Professor Vance Smith spoke to his US History I class. He was a well built, young, and handsome man who looked as if he would be more at home playing football or driving fast cars than in a college class room as a professor. However, there was no place that Vance would rather be than his class room. Teaching history seemed to fill a hole in his heart that nothing else could fill.

As the class filed out, Vance gathered his notes and stood ready for the next class. He was aware of the student in the back, sitting and waiting for the next class. That student always seemed to be there. "Did you understand the lesson from US History? It ties in with late European history, which you'll learn later in the semester in the next class. I'm sorry...but I don't quite recall your name."
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