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RP Name: Nols
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Face Claim: Jane Levy
Character Claim: Rosetta (Disney Fairies)
Character Name: Abigail Rosetta
Object: Set of toy wings
Biography: One of the oldest garden talent fairies, Rosetta was present when Tinker Bell joined the fairies and was one of her first friends. When Tink tried to switch her talent so that she could go to the main land, Rosetta was the one who tried to help her even though in her heart she believed Tink was set to become a tinker fairy. After Tink accidentally destroyed the spring preperations, it was Rosetta who stood by her side and used the gadgets she had created to restore spring. The fairies were flying to the main land when Chernabog’s curse set in. Rosetta became Abigail Rosetta, a college student majoring in horticulture (focusing in floral design) with a minor in interior/exterior design while working part time at Queens Roses. She has yet to find the toy wings that hold memories of her past.
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