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RP Name: Nols
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Lillie Ramirez Tumblr_mxjfnhW5M51s68us0o7_250
Face Claim: Adrianne Bailon
Character Claim: Audrey Ramirez (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
Character Name: Lillie Ramirez
Object: Her father’s cap
Biography: From a young age, Audrey had a love for cars. She helped in her father’s automotive shop, learning everything she could from the man. It was here that she developed a love for mechanics and at the age of 9, she became a mechanic for Henry Ford Automotive, moving to her first supervisory job at age 11. From there she was given a job with her father’s old employer Mr. Whitmore as a mechanic. She was amongst the group who was on the journey to Atlantis at the age of 18. Though they found it, Regina’s curse set in before they could ever travel back. Audrey Ramirez became Lillie Ramirez, a mechanic at Sykes Automotive. She has yet to find her fathers cap or the memories that go with it.
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