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RP Name: Nols
Megan Avelon Tumblr_inline_mhwpp4TYhZ1rdcplo
Megan Avelon Angela
Face Claim: Megan Fox
Character Claim: Angela (Gargoyles)
Character Name: Megan Avelon
Object: Fossilized Egg
Biography: Raised in the mysterious Avalon after she was hatched, Angela was raised to think of Avalon as a safe place where no harm could befall her and to think of the outside worlds as something harsh, cold, and different. It was when three new gargoyles (Goliath, Broadway, and Brooklyn) and a human (Eliza) came to Avalon on a quest that she knew anyone from beyond the mists. They convinced her to come to a land called New York with them and she agreed. As they left Avalon, the curse Regina set kicked in. Angela became Meghan Avelon, part of a biker gang who roam the streets after sundown. She has not found her object thus she doesn’t know her past.
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