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RP Name: Nols
Ann Pearson Tumblr_lvcyt2jcwE1qa3g9o
Ann Pearson 6c50d828402967ad567af5c2ad2249e1
Face Claim: Emma Stone
Character Claim: Pepper Ann Pearson (Pepper Ann)
Character Name: Anne Pearson
Object: Purple Scrunchy
Biography: If one were to look in the dictionary, they would quite possibly find Pepper Ann’s picture next to the word eccentric. She loved her family and did a lot with them while at the same time she loved her friends, video games, and imagination. She spent a lot of time day dreaming and imagining herself in other situations. It was during one of these day dreaming sessions that Chernabog’s curse hit the universe. Pepper Ann Pearson became simply Ann Pearson, a woman who has just graduated high school. When she found her object, the purple scrunchie that keeps her frizzy pony tail up, her mother Lydia became worried about her daughter’s outrageous claims so she had her committed to St. Walt’s Hospital. While to others it may seem that Annie is insane, she knows that they are different than they seem. While she is old enough to check herself out of the hospital, Mayor Chern has attempted to raise the age so that she can not get out and help others remember.
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