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RP Name: Nols
Nolee Haar Taylor-swift-fragrance
Nolee Haar Tumblr_lpl7iggRJ71qmhal2o1_500
Face Claim: Taylor Swift
Character Claim: Rapunzel (Tangled)
Object: Floating Lantern
Biography: Once upon a time, a single drop of sunlight fell to Earth and became a golden flower filled with incredible healing abilities. A sorceress named Mother Gothel would use the flower, and a song, to keep herself young for hundreds of years. Centuries later, the queen of the kingdom of Corona was pregnant but very sick, so the king sent out knights to find the legendary flower. Though Gothel tried to hide the flower, it was found and used as a medicine to heal the queen. When the royal baby, a princess, was born, she was born with beautiful golden hair that possessed healing properties. Gothel kidnapped the baby, Rapunzel, and raised her as her own. The king and queen honored the missing princess year after year by releasing floating lanterns on her birthday. Rapunzel watched the lanterns every year on that day for eighteen years, when she finally decided she wanted to see it. When Flynn Ryder, a thief, visited to get away from palace guards because he had stolen the missing princess’ tiara was Rapunzel’s chance. They adventured together and Rapunzel fell in love with him. Gothel, to keep Rapunzel with her, attempted to convince her that Flynn was just using her because of her hair. While it worked at first, Rapunzel eventually realized the truth about her lineage. Gothel stabbed Flynn and, while watching the only man she had ever truly loved die, Chernabog’s curse hit. Rapunzel became Nolee Haar. Nolee works at Belle’s reading stories to children who can’t read themselves and doing the same for children at St. Walt’s. She has not yet found the floating lantern’s gleam so she has not yet realized who she is.
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