Lupa "San" Forester

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Lupa "San" Forester

Post by Lizjay on Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:52 pm

RP Name: LizJay

Face Claim: Keira Knightley
Character Claim: San from Princess Mononoke
Character Name: Lupa Forester
Object: Her blue crystal dagger necklace given to her by Ashitaka
Biography: In her past life she was San, adopted daughter of the wolf goddess Moro, she spent most of her young life believing she was a wolf and protecting the forest. The curse hit when San and Ashitaka where trying to return the head of the forest spirit, one moment they were running through the now dangerous woods and the next she woke up as Lupa Forester. Lupa is a police officer and is partnered with Da'vid, one of the few women on the force she works hard. She has not her necklace and therefore she has not found her memories.


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