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RP Name: Nols
Winnipeg "Winnie" Thepo 936full-neil-patrick-harris
Winnipeg "Winnie" Thepo
Face Claim: Neil Patrick Harris
Character Claim: Winnie The Pooh (The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)
Character Name: Winnipeg “Winnie” Thepo
Object: Stuffed Bear
Biography: Though he was a bear of very little brains, Winnie The Pooh made up for it in the way he loved and cherished and helped his friends that lived with him in The 100 Acre Wood. In reality the group were the stuffed animals of a boy named Christopher Robin, Pooh being his favorite. There were several adventures to still be had even though the boy who owned him was growing up. When Chernabog’s curse hit it turned the toy named Winnie The Pooh into a man named Winnipeg Thepo. Winnipeg was still a very upbeat individual, making the most out of life. He started both teaching preschoolers and working at Geppetto’s toy store. He has not found the stuffed bear that looks like him and holds his precious memories.
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