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Jack 'Skellington' Scully Empty Jack 'Skellington' Scully

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RP Name: Sami
Jack 'Skellington' Scully Johnny12
Jack 'Skellington' Scully Nx_00811
Face Claim: Johnny Depp
Character Claim: Jack Skellington
Character Name: Jack Scully
Object: A small charm in the shape of a bat, resembling the collar on the black and white suit he wore.
Biography: Jack Skellington was known as the ‘Pumpkin King’, the patron of Halloween (as Santa is to Christmas); he was immortal and could remove parts of his body. Along with the other Halloween spirits, Jack would go out and scare the humans on Halloween and is known as the best and is highly respected by the others. As the Pumpkin King, he was in charge of organising the yearly celebration for Halloween in his hometown, but was growing tired of doing nothing but scaring people.  The curse set in as Jack was wondering through the woods outside his hometown and Jack found himself in Yensidia, living as one of the humans he’d spent so long scaring. Amazed by all the different stories he found there, Jack volunteered to work part time at Belle’s book store. He is often seen there or at the ‘Alley Cats’ bar, brooding. He has found his object and while he’s glad to do something different to what he used to, Jack can’t help but miss his old life at least a little, back in Halloween Town where everyone knew him.


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