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Post by Shea on Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:50 am

RP Name: Shea/Sami
Sheamus 'Mor'du' Moran Sheamu10
Sheamus 'Mor'du' Moran The-le10 Sheamus 'Mor'du' Moran Brave-10
Face Claim: Sheamus
Character Claim: Mor’du from Pixar’s ‘Brave’.
Character Name: Sheamus Moran
Object: His ring engraved with his clan symbol of two crossed axes.
Biography: Mor’du was a prince and the eldest of four brothers. Once their father, the king, died, Mor’du believed that because he was the eldest, that he should have inherited the whole kingdom; however it was split between the four brothers and he grew to resent the others because of his selfishness. Eventually he started a war between his and his brothers’ kingdoms, but it was a stalemate, no end in sight. In his search for something to help him claim victory, Mor’du wandered the woods and soon came across a witch and demanded a spell from her to help him. He asked for the strength of ten men in exchange for his clan ring and went to confront his brothers. The spell turned Mor’du into a great black bear and he killed his three brothers in cold blood.
The curse hit him years later, after Merida and her mother escape from the bear after meeting him in the ruins of his old castle. He’d gone to chase after the two of them when he suddenly found himself in a new world, human again.
Mor’du, now Sheamus, is yet to find his object and is often in and out of St Walt’s due to his sudden mood swings and violent nature.


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