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Post by Lizjay on Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:30 am

RP Name: LizJay
Jay "Basil" Baker Tumblr_ltsuu44NkJ1qjcwxo
Jay "Basil" Baker Tumblr_mj0gi26OfO1qjj1swo1_500
Face Claim: Jay Reso
Character Claim: Basil Of Baker Street from the Geat Mouse Detective
Character Name: Jay Baker
Object: His Violin
Biography: He was once the brilliant detective Basil of Baker street, he worked to stop the most dangerous man in all of mousedom Prof. Ratigan. He was a jack-of-all-trades and would help many people. The day the curse hit he and his friend Dawson had just been working toward the end of a case. He woke up as Jay Baker, a man that couldn't seem to just stay at one job. A genius in many ways Jay will often help the police with a case though he will not become a police man. He is currently working at Queens Roses to help his roommate Adam pay the rent this is the longest he's stayed with a job. He has not found his violin or his memories.


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