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Alex "Robin Hood" Hoodson Empty Alex "Robin Hood" Hoodson

Post by Lizjay on Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:54 am

RP Name: LizJay
Alex "Robin Hood" Hoodson Tumblr_mbyll3Eieg1r99whto1_500
Alex "Robin Hood" Hoodson 15302_Robin-Hood-04
Face Claim: Alex Shelley
Character Claim: Robin Hood from the 1973 cartoon movie Robin Hood
Character Name: Alex Hoodson
Object: His bow
Biography: He was known in his past life as the great outlaw Robin Hood, he took care of the poor with money taken from the rich and never keep any for himself. He had just been caught by the guards after winning a archery tournament, when the curse struck him. He woke up Alex Hoodson, a charity worker and singer. He gives almost all money he makes singing to charity and works as a barman at Alley Cats. He still hasn't found his special object or his memories.


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