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Post by Shea on Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:42 am

Yensidia: The name of the city where the people of the Disney Universe have been transported

St. Walt’s Hospital: The town hospital that houses both a medical and psychiatric ward where Oswald Rabb and Mickey Mosker work

Sykes Automotive + Mechanics: The town car dealership where you can also have your car fixed run by Bill Sykes.

Papa Bear's: The dessert shop/café in town run by Garrett Balington

Tiana’s Palace: A jazz club/restaurant run by Tiana Macadonia

Alley Cats: A bar on the edge of town co-run by Nathan Scatt and Carter O’Malley

Enchanted Fashions: the lower priced clothing store run by Giselle Adams

De Ville’s Boutique: The high end fashion store in Yensidia run by Natalie De Ville

Queens Roses: A flower shop in town run by Hanna Queens

Belle’s: The town bookstore run by Belle French

The Bazaar: The flea market where most of the precious objects are housed which is run by Vasloo Kamari

Gepetto’s: The town toy store ran by Gepetto Anatoli

Ralph’s Arcade: The town arcade and go kart track, ran by Ralph Wrecks and his friend Melissa Sweets


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