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RP Name: Nols
Roman Burroughs 1366517913_4663_full
Roman Burroughs Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQvijSoX_0x8YcIGQk3LzSlfM0SoXi29174dVlMBw5rYaQExIrb
Face Claim: Joseph A’noai
Character Claim: Tarzan (Tarzan)
Character Name: Roman Burroughs
Object: The portrait of his parents
Biography: From the day he was born, trouble followed the young babe. On that day the boat carrying him and his parents to India from England wrecked, though his parents got him to safety. They made a life for themselves, building a large tree house on what they thought was a deserted land. It was deserted by humans seemingly but the land was not deserted by animals. When Sabor the leopard attacked, the couple hid the baby well enough that, though they died, the baby would not. Kala, a female gorilla who had lost her own child to Sabor, found the baby and, despite the protests of her mate Kercheck, took him to raise after naming him Tarzan. He grew into a strong and powerful young man who wanted only to protect his family and friends, even killing Sabor when the leopard attempted to attack more young. When three strangers (Professor Porter, Jane Porter, and Clayton) showed up, Tarzan started to spend time with Jane. She taught him to speak English as well as how to read and about the outside world. Tarzan fell in love with her, even going as far as to ask her to stay in the jungle with him. Jane declined and that’s when the curse set in. Tarzan became Roman Burroughs, a bouncer at the Alley Cat bar. He has not yet found the portrait of his parents, his linking object, and thus has no knowledge of his heartbreak.
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