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Beca "Kiara" Hunter Empty Beca "Kiara" Hunter

Post by Lizjay on Sun Feb 02, 2014 6:57 am

RP Name: LizJay
Beca "Kiara" Hunter Anna-Kendrick-Catching-Fire-Fan-Cast-Johanna-Mason
Beca "Kiara" Hunter Kiara
Face Claim: Anna Kendrick
Character Claim: Kiara from the Lion King
Character Name: Beca Hunter
Object: A rare flower given from her true love
Biography: In her old life Beca was the lioness princess Kiara, born to one day take over ruling the pride lands. She grew up a happy cub, often playing with her family friends and other cubs. The curse hit right after she had helped reunite the outlanders and the pridelanders, she woke up as Beca Hunter. She works as a police deputy in the town and works hard to protect people. She doesn't remember her past and hasn't found her object.


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