Seth "Lucky" Radcliff

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Seth "Lucky" Radcliff Empty Seth "Lucky" Radcliff

Post by Lizjay on Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:44 am

RP Name: LizJay
Seth "Lucky" Radcliff VCo6r
Seth "Lucky" Radcliff 66741-14183
Face Claim: Seth Rollins
Character Claim: Lucky from 101 Dalmatians
Character Name: Seth Radcliff
Object: His red collar
Biography: Starting out a shy and slightly weak puppy, after his adventure against the evil Cruella de Vil he became much stronger and energetic. He quickly became the ringleader of his siblings and it was during a small adventure with his siblings that the curse hit. He had fell from a small rock as a pup and woke up Seth Radcliff. As Seth Radcliff he works at a local diner, though for a while he worked for the woman that had tried to kill him as a puppy. He has still not found his collar and his memories.


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