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RP Name: Nols
Abigail Rosetta/Rosetta Tumblr_luhh66hN7n1r1u0ydo1_r1_250
Abigail Rosetta/Rosetta Tumblr_mc9e1w13Y01rf0tqxo1_500
Disney Quote: “I’m not just a pretty face!”- Rosetta from Tinkerbelle
Quote: “A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness, it teaches industry and thrift, above all it teaches entire trust.”- Gertrude Jekyll
Disney Theme Song: To The Fairies Who Draw Near from Tinkerbelle
Theme Song: Best Day of My Life by The American Authors

Full Name: Abigail Rosetta, Rosetta
Pronunciation: Abb-ah-gail Row-set-ah, Row-set-ah
Alias: Abby (as Abigail), Ro (as Rosetta)
Meaning: Abigail means joy of the father while Rosetta means little rose, Rosetta means little rose
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian American as Abigail, Caucasian Fairy as Rosetta

Height: 5’2” as Abigail, 8 inches as Rosetta
Weight: 117 lbs as Abigail, 7 lbs as Rosetta
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Abigail keeps her shoulder length hair curly. Rosetta’s shoulder length hair was curled at the ends.
Eye Color: Blue as Abigail, Green as Rosetta
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Tattoos: None

Birthday: December 29th
Age: 24 as Abigail, Rosetta would never reveal her real age
Western Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Tarot Card Combination: Temperance and The Pope
Chinese Zodiac: Snake


General History:
Born from the laugh of a bubbly Southern belle baby, Rosetta was a garden fairy through and through. She arrived at Pixie Hollow before any of her dear friends, though that has made her a little wiser. Rosetta was one of the fairies present when the young Tinkerbelle arrived. Along with the light fairy Iridessa, the animal fairy Fawn, and the water talent fairy Silvermist, Rosetta befriended Tink after Tink’s mouse bound cart crashed as a result of a Sprinting Thistle attack. Rosetta comforted the young fairy by showing her the beauty of her control on flowers. When Tink tried to change her talent from tinkering to something else in an attempt to be able to travel to the main land, Rosetta tried to convince her otherwise, citing fate had chosen her to be a tinker for a reason. However, since Tink’s heart was still set on changing her talent, Rosetta tried to help her pick a new one. Despite Rosetta trying to help, Tinkerbelle failed. Tink did, however, repair a child’s music box but was still depressed. Rosetta too became depressed when Tink accidentally ruined all of the preperations for spring. When Tink came up with new ways to do the tasks the fairies had to do to prepare for spring, Rosetta stood by her friend.
As Rosetta and the other fairies, Tink included, flew to the mainland, Chernabog’s curst hit and turned her into Abigail Rosetta.
Not much is known about young Abigail but she prefers it that way. Scared and shy around others, Abigail prefers the comfort of the Southern plantation home she lives in on the outskirts of town, only coming into town to work at her job at Queen’s Roses.
Family: Though Abigail claims to have three older brothers, no one has ever seen them.


Senses: Abigail wears contacts but her other senses seem great. Rosetta’s senses were all extremely high because she was a fairy.
Allergies: None
Phobias: None
Addictions: None
Mental Disorders: None


Style: Abigail’s style is laidback and casual, only wearing jeans and t-shirts to work in though she doesn’t mind cute sundresses. Rosetta was a southern lady who mostly wore cute dresses and skirts with cute blouses.
Grooming: Though she’s well groomed, Abigail always has a spot of dirt on her nose. Rosetta always was well groomed, hating mud and dirt despite the fact that she was a garden fairy.
Casual Wardrobe: Abigail usually is seen in public wearing ratty old jeans and colorful t-shirts because she can get them dirty while she works. Rosetta preferred to dress up, so casual was not her style.
Dressy Wardrobe: Abigail doesn’t dress up unless Queen’s Roses is having a flower show, preferring then to wear cute sundresses. Rosetta’s dresses and skirts with cute blouses were all that she wore.


Mood: Abigail is a shy, nervous young woman who, despite her appearance, is usually in a good mood. Rosetta was a bubbly woman almost always in a good mood.
Attitude: Abigail, like her counterpart Rosetta, is an optimist.
Stability: Abigail is often skittish so she’s not extremely stable when under pressure. Rosetta was very stable.
Expressiveness: Abigail has a hard time expressing her emotions unlike Rosetta who was extremely expressive.
When Happy: Abigail, when happy, will have a nervous smile on her face and will play with a strand of her hair. Rosetta would be extremely hyper and talkative when she was happy.
When Depressed: When depressed, Abigail will talk to the flowers as she works as if she was relaying her problems to them. When Rosetta was depressed she would go do work in her garden.
When Angry: When angry, Abigail reverts to quietness and nervousness. When Rosetta was angry she would yell at whoever had her anger.
Hobbies/Interests: Other than gardening, Abigail is a talented knitter and crocheter, able to make anything that strikes her fancy. Rosetta was a fan of music and sledding.
Pet Peeves: Abigail hates it when people force her to talk to them, knowing she would open up to someone eventually. Rosetta was peeved when people didn’t understand her southern euphemisms.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Abigail is Catholic with very few superstitions. Rosetta had no religion but was very superstitious.
Three Positive Traits:
Well Mannered
Three Negative Traits:


Occupations: Gardener at Queen’s Roses as Abigail, Garden Talent Fairy as Rosetta
Work Ethic: Abigail works hard and takes extreme pride in her work. Rosetta was a hard worker, though she did tell others to do quite a few things as she was the head of the garden talent fairies.
Income: Abigail makes minimum wage. Rosetta was unpaid.
Wealth/Status: Abigail is a middle class citizen. Rosetta had no class.


IQ: Abigail is extremely intelligent, as was Rosetta.
Degrees: Abigail has a high school diploma but never attended college. Rosetta lived in a land without degrees.


House: On the outskirts of Yensidia is a large plantation home that has belonged to the Rosetta family since Abigail was a small girl. She has never let anyone inside but she keeps it well kept, though she only ever uses her room. It’s by far one of the largest bedrooms in the house. A large queen size canopy bed with a baby blue bedspread that contrasts against the black wood frame sits in the middle of the room. The hand carved wardrobe and dresser set against the left wall while on the right there is a door leading out to the balcony. Rosetta lived in a rose in Pixie Hollow.
Neighborhood: Abigail lives in Yensidia but she is one of the more mysterious residents. Rosetta lived in Pixie Hollow and was loved by almost everyone.
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